Friday, January 5, 2018

five on friday:: january edition

New year, first Friday!

Linking up with ChristinaApril, and Natasha:

ONE:: happy new year!

Yes, I am one of those "new year, new me" crazies -- our household is eating clean, I'm taking barre classes, Drew's working on his kettlebell routine, I'm trying to take hold of our finances (what up budget?), and we're diving in DEEP into church. So far, so good; I already have new energy, my blood sugar levels have been phenomenal, I've been delightfully sore but feeling good today, and we're making progress. It's day 5 of 2018, but progress nonetheless. I want to come out of 2018 feeling bright, confident, healthy (for the long haul), connected in community, dreaming, thriving... lots of things. 2019 will be the year I turn THIRTY so there's much to be done to lay the groundwork for a highly successful new decade.

TWO:: whole30 faves

A few days into Whole30 and feeling awesome! Favorite meals I've made:  2 fried eggs (over easy) + avocado with sprinkle of sea salt & cracked pepper {my everyday breakfast}, low-carb minestrone, sous vide burgers with an egg on top. Need to find some more good staples that don't cost a lot but taste delicious!

THREE:: lilly sale

Oh, how I wish I had unlimited funds to blow every year at the biannual Lilly Pulitzer sales! I ended up getting a skort and a coverup, but I definitely wanted the Allair maxi, all the Kelly pants & Palazzo pants & Callahan chinos, every luxletic legging they sell, and rompers galore.

FOUR:: mermaid party

AnnaCate is turning one NEXT MONTH (insert gasping face) so I've started working on details for her mermaid-themed first birthday party. Cannot believe my BABY-BABY is almost one!! Any great mermaid party recs you've got? We're not going as purple and turquoise and basic as most of the things I've seen on etsy -- I am having a hard time articulating the "type" of mermaid we're going for. The inspiration for the party is her beloved knit mermaid rattle doll, so it's that kind of cozy/homey/sweet feel. There's got to be a way to describe it better than that!

FIVE:: flu galore

Our girls have been sick LITERALLY every other week since the end of November. When will this madness stop?! I know we're kind of screwing ourselves by constantly having the girls in preschool / church nursery / gym childcare / seeing cousins, but we can't hermit ourselves in this year. Not going through that again! Hoping the healthier eating and exercise habits will bleed over into our whole family's wellness.

Happy new year, y'all!