Wednesday, August 30, 2017

lilly after-party sale haul!

This week is a long-awaited one for me -- the Lilly Pulitzer After-Party Sale! You have just under 12 more hours to shop... eek!

Here are some things I scored:

The Colby Tunic Dress
I kind of cringe that I bought yet another dress, but this one is sooooo pretty (and originally $300!!!); I got it because I think it'll be the perfect Christmas card photo dress. Thinking of dressing our family in luxe neutrals -- so good for fall, winter, and Christmas.

Dusk Racerback Silk Tank
I have been needing a good solid neutral (light-colored) tank for layering / wearing with printed pants/shorts/skirts / wearing under my cashmere wrap poncho (Anyone else thinking of that "DON'T TELL ME PONCHOS ARE BACK!" quote from Legally Blonde these days?). Love the "Oyster" color and simple silhouette. I have the dusk racerback silk maxi dress from my maternity shoot circa 2015, so I know it's a great drape and flattering shape.

Lilias Tunic Top
I wanted to make my sale haul this year be max bang-for-buck, so I'm all about the neutrals that go with all things. This looked super soft and comfortable (softness is soooo important to me these days), and I know it'll be nice and versatile -- wear with printed pants, jeans, white jeans, skirts, maybe even leggings (I think it's long enough to cover my rear!). I've had the same 3/4-length navy top from Gap for yeeeeeears, so it'll be nice to have another solid basic to fall back on.

Meg Top
And finally, another solid basic for the fall/winter -- my beloved favorite shade to wear (white), perfect for layering with jeans and boots or under a vest! Much to be said for simplicity!


Did you find anything you were wanting?! It pained me a little to not invest in one of their gorgeous cashmere sweaters they had Monday or a Lobstah Roll pair of Luxletic leggings, but I really tried to opt for things I "need" / would be the most versatile / weren't pricier. I mean, it's debatable that I should've gotten an oatmeal-colored cashmere sweater rather than a more expensive gold silk tunic dress, but I legitimately don't have anything in my closet like it and I can see myself wearing it to church, work meetings, special events, etc. I'll let you know if my predictions are right or if it'll go straight to eBay to resell!

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