Wednesday, August 30, 2017

lilly after-party sale haul!

This week is a long-awaited one for me -- the Lilly Pulitzer After-Party Sale! You have just under 12 more hours to shop... eek!

Here are some things I scored:

The Colby Tunic Dress
I kind of cringe that I bought yet another dress, but this one is sooooo pretty (and originally $300!!!); I got it because I think it'll be the perfect Christmas card photo dress. Thinking of dressing our family in luxe neutrals -- so good for fall, winter, and Christmas.

Dusk Racerback Silk Tank
I have been needing a good solid neutral (light-colored) tank for layering / wearing with printed pants/shorts/skirts / wearing under my cashmere wrap poncho (Anyone else thinking of that "DON'T TELL ME PONCHOS ARE BACK!" quote from Legally Blonde these days?). Love the "Oyster" color and simple silhouette. I have the dusk racerback silk maxi dress from my maternity shoot circa 2015, so I know it's a great drape and flattering shape.

Lilias Tunic Top
I wanted to make my sale haul this year be max bang-for-buck, so I'm all about the neutrals that go with all things. This looked super soft and comfortable (softness is soooo important to me these days), and I know it'll be nice and versatile -- wear with printed pants, jeans, white jeans, skirts, maybe even leggings (I think it's long enough to cover my rear!). I've had the same 3/4-length navy top from Gap for yeeeeeears, so it'll be nice to have another solid basic to fall back on.

Meg Top
And finally, another solid basic for the fall/winter -- my beloved favorite shade to wear (white), perfect for layering with jeans and boots or under a vest! Much to be said for simplicity!


Did you find anything you were wanting?! It pained me a little to not invest in one of their gorgeous cashmere sweaters they had Monday or a Lobstah Roll pair of Luxletic leggings, but I really tried to opt for things I "need" / would be the most versatile / weren't pricier. I mean, it's debatable that I should've gotten an oatmeal-colored cashmere sweater rather than a more expensive gold silk tunic dress, but I legitimately don't have anything in my closet like it and I can see myself wearing it to church, work meetings, special events, etc. I'll let you know if my predictions are right or if it'll go straight to eBay to resell!

Thursday, August 24, 2017

high school reunion planning

So I have spent the last month planning my high school's 10-year class reunion. Our class president was in charge of it originally but got super busy (no surprises -- it's a big undertaking!), and then a couple of girls took over but couldn't get the response they needed to financially tackle all the deposits, so it was up for grabs and I grabbed it. I'm probably crazy for doing so, but I am a professional event planner and I kind of live for these things, so why not take on the challenge?

Originally I thought the best bet would be to have some fabulous cocktail party at an awesome lounge space. I toyed with the idea of doing a formal party at the zoo (complete with animal encounters!), but it's SO EXPENSIVE to do anything in Nashville, and our class just wasn't willing to spend the money it'd take to do something truly incredible without any predetermined funds. (Boo!)

My cocktail party idea got scrapped this weekend -- I asked for commitments from everyone, and my classmates just weren't willing to dress up, drive 45 minutes to a venue, and flesh out $55/ticket. I was about to throw up my hands, but my best friend called and one of our classmates knew of a local golf course that had an event space available, and could inexpensively cater for us. I toured it a couple of weeks ago -- it's no frills and certainly not formal, but after pitching to the class on our group facebook page, EVERYONE bit. Who knew?! Turns out informal + close by + cheaper is the way to please.

We're still definitely working with limited funds, but here's what I'm thinking --

Saturday, September 23, 2017
7pm - 10pm time frame
Casual dinner, buffet-style BBQ. Couple kegs of beer and some boxed wine (because we're classy like that). A cute dessert spread, made by the classmate who owns a precious bakery I use frequently for weddings. Low-key background music (spotify playlist on speakers?). I assigned one of my friends to doing the centerpieces (framed photos of different organizations from high school, maybe some memorabilia but nothing fancy). Now what?

I'm kind of at a loss for where to go from the bare bones. I don't have a ton of extra ticket funds beyond the initial requirements for space + food + booze, so I don't really know where to spend money beyond this. 

Get fancier lighting? (String lights instead of the Christmas icicle lights they currently have hanging? Does anyone even care??) Get customized napkins or cups? (Or should we stick to plain basic clear plastic and call it a day?) Spend more on entertainment than our free playlist? (I'm afraid we don't have enough commitment to justify a live band, but I don't want to skimp if that would really be worth it... Although I also have a hard time booking a DJ because I can't see anyone actually dancing and DJs can be sooooo cheesy.) Get fancy placards for the "grownup superlatives"? What makes the most impact? What does anyone even care about?

Insight appreciated!!!!!!!!