Tuesday, July 25, 2017

my beautycounter favorites & wishlist

So while it's been a little silent over here, I've been ultra-busy working from home with two littles, a full-time wedding planning job, and my new side hustle -- advocating for safer skincare with Beautycounter. There are so many things I could say about why the hell I joined, what I'm doing, and all that jazz, but I figured the best way to get you acquainted would be to share with you some of my FAVORITE products I've tried thus far! I love product recommendations from people I trust, and I love giving recommendations too! Who doesn't love sharing things that increase their quality of life?! 

So without further ado, here are the...

Things I legitimately, personally love

- Baby Calming Diaper Rash Cream {If nothing else, THIS is MAYBE my favorite product. I have two babies still in diapers (*hangs head*) and I have seriously TRIED the "natural" baby diaper creams out there. They didn't work!!!!! This one actually WORKS, and I can feel like I'm not killing my children with the gunk I smear on their booties. Win-win! This one will be a forever baby shower gift, I know it!}
- Body Wash & Hydrating Body Lotion {Just this month, I was actually shocked to find out the "natural" cocoa butter lotion I was using that I thought would be 100% safe was rated a 9 in toxicity on the ThinkDirty app (NO BUENO). Especially with items I slather ALL OVER MY ENTIRE BODY day in and day out -- these are the highest on priority level for using safe ingredients. While it pains me that they're so pricey, a little goes a long way!}
- Protect Stick Sunscreen {Oh my gosh, where have you been all my life?! Beautycounter sunscreen is amazing. I'm a total convert -- it goes on clear, NOT super cakey and white, it's zinc-based and safe to slather all over my lily-white babes, not super greasy, easy to apply -- just swipe and gently rub in... amazing. Love the face and body sticks!} 
- Charcoal Bar {I've been hearing about the benefits of charcoal and how it works great for oily skin types, so Drew and I have been using this and I love it. I use it along with the Nourishing Exfoliator, which I keep in the shower, and they're both great!}
- Lip Sheer in "Terra" {I have never been legitimately EXCITED about a lipstick before (I previously just wore whatever freebie came in my Clinique promotion bags from time to time or whatever my performance makeup dictated), but I cannot get over how silky it feels, amazing it smells, and the subtle but super pretty look it gives. I've considered trying the stays-on-forever lipsticks that are gaining in popularity but I honestly don't mind reapplying after I have a glass of wine or eat something, and too many years of dance performances with long-lasting lipwear kind of wore me out in my teenage years. NOT TO MENTION, you unintentionally eat so much of what you put on your lips, so it's a huge priority for me to have my lip products be safe! And I actually love the lip gloss. I've always liked how lipgloss looked but hated the sticky feeling. Beautycounter lip gloss is a step above, y'all. Doesn't feel gross on, doesn't all come off immediately when you put your lips on a glass. Bomb.}
- Lengthening Mascara {This is a non-negotiable beauty product for me. I have worn mascara daily since I was 12. I have had plenty of allergic reactions to mascaras, so that's even more of a testament to the fact that cosmetics are underregulated and there are some awful things out there! I love my Beautycounter mascara, and I will never again live without it. It's not clumpy, it's impactful and has a great wand... no complaints!}
- Rosewater Mist {I honestly have no idea what this "does", but it smells INCREDIBLE and Drew and I are both obsessed with it in a "this is a total luxury item but it's so nice" kind of way. You know those things that make no sense but you indulge yourself from time to time? This is one of those for me/us.}
- Rejuvenating Eye Cream {I'll be honest with you -- one of the reasons I switched to Beautycounter was because I needed a "grownup" skin care regime, and one that work legitimately work for me as I start to age. I am rapidly approaching 30, and seriously, the morning I turned 24 I started to notice forehead wrinkles and signs that my perfectly youthful skin was getting hit hard by my sun exposure / not washing my face enough / drinking alcohol / not drinking enough water. I had bangs for apparently the wrong time period, because I had perfectly smooth forehead skin ages 16 - 23 which was when I wore them. Of course NOW I have something to cover up and no bangs to conceal. Why am I talking about my forehead when I'm referencing eye cream? Because as the years go by, my forehead has become allies with my eyes, and those laugh / "smizing" crinkles are not so much going away anymore. So hello Rejuvenating aging line! Step one of becoming an ADULT-adult: Start wearing eye cream.}

Of course, you have to start somewhere. I have most certainly not even grazed the surface of all there is in the Beautycounter world, but I know these items are on my near-future wishlist!

Can't wait to try:

- Mattifying Powder {My skin is on the oilier side, so I am excited to replace the $38 Laura Mercier version I was using with this $37 safer pick!} 
- Lip Sheers in Twig, and Petal! And Coral! And Rose! And Scarlet! 
- Color Contour Bronzer in No. 1 & Color Sweep Blush Duo in Bloom/Tulip {I am by no means high maintenance when it comes to makeup, but I love me some blush/bronzer. And wear it DAILY to look alive. I also want this shimmer oil...}
- Color Outline Eye Pencil in Brown & Navy {Eyeliner is another everyday wear item for me - You will not find me in public without a little scribble of kohl above my top lashes. I find it important to pick the things you wear EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. to be some of the most important items to switch over first.} 
- No. 3 Balancing Charcoal Face Mask & full No. 3 Collection {I'm already a believer in the charcoal bar for washing my oilier face, so I think the charcoal mask would be a great complement! High-quality masks are such an indulgence... and a safer (and less expensive!) one to make than routinely getting toxic gel manicures, honestly... give me a spattering of this and a glass of wine and I'm in heaven.}

Are you familiar with Beautycounter?! Do you have favorite products I should know about?! Holla!! (And ps -- who's got a great safe deodorant rec? Because that's another non-negotiable self care product I am not about to give up, but I would like something safer to use than my everyday Degree for Men I've used since 2005. #sorrynotsorry)


  1. I recently got the charcoal mask and IM IN LOVE! I also us the facial cleanser and night cream and it's the best switch I've ever made! The last thing I currently use is the dew skin tinted moisturizer which is also amazing!

    And amen to that lipstick part! ;)

  2. I bought the #3 set (rosacea after pregnancy) and love it! The mist, for me, is how you feel about the rose water - feels like a luxury! Also love the eye cream you are using and have noticed a difference in dark circles after 4 months. The night cream is also incredible!