Friday, June 23, 2017

five on friday

It's that time! Linking up with ChristinaApril, and Natasha:

ONE::  wedding season

We are in full-force wedding season over here -- I had a full-scale planning wedding last month, one last week, a wedding to coordinate this upcoming weekend, and many friends celebrating recent engagements and marriages! We missed a dear friend's wedding last Saturday because I had to work, but her pictures looked stunning -- she wore a pale gray-silver beaded wedding dress and it fit her personality so well. One of my best friends / college roommate of 3 years / childhood friend since 2nd grade got engaged last Friday and we are SOOOO excited for them. Her fiance asked Drew to be his best man last night!!!! We've always wanted super close couple-friends and they definitely fit the bill. I'm so happy to see Drew having such a good BEST friend, too. He deserves it!

TWO::  vacay

It's coming fast, hooray! We spent a couple weekends back planning out all our meals / making dinner reservations / researching options for rainy days and more. We definitely have approached this vacation differently than in years past, by planning everything out in full, but it's necessary now with two small children. Fortunately Drew's family (who we're going with) trust our judgement and taste so they're just along for the ride!

THREE::  recent purchases

I've gotten a couple new off-the-shoulder tops and I'm in love with them. Mostly because Drew thinks they're so sexy (ooh la la!) but also because it's just a fun trend. I try not to buy too much in any one trend, but at this point I have one long-sleeve pink off-shoulder top, a short-sleeve white off-shoulder top, and a black off-shoulder dress from last spring. Now that I come to think of it, I actually just bought a blue seersucker off-shoulder dress from Forever21... so maybe that makes it four total. Whoops! Haha. I'm really excited about the cute little dress, though; it looked SO precious on the model. It's online-only so hoping it fits and flatters. I also got two tank tops I'm in love with (one says "Mojito + Lime + Summer" and the other says "I need Vitamin Sea") and a giant floppy hat that I'm hoping I can actually pull off. Why are big hats so hard to wear? I also have had an eBay struggle situation -- ordered something, the seller ended up being local and dropped off but didn't tell me (may or may not have gone to the wrong address)... all in all, I never saw or got the package but now it's gone, somewhere. It makes me sick to have to deal with the situation but I'm going to need a refund!

FOUR::  barre3

Finished up my 3 free classes I got as a March client special (which perfectly happened to coincide with my postpartum exercise clearance!). I have two more free class passes from another promotion, so hoping I'll get to use those up next week before vacay. I love love love barre3 -- the childcare opps, the strenuousness of class, the results I get, the mind-freedom from focusing on movement. I'd love to incorporate it on a super regular basis if I can!

FIVE::  anxiety

I don't know if it's hormonal or circumstantial or what, but anxiety is full force lately. I was feeling very glum earlier this week (lack of sleep did NOT HELP in the slightest!) -- not sure if it was the downward slide after such an exciting / momentous Friday, or just recovering from the wedding, or totally unrelated and just hormonal, but Drew and I were both in a funk earlier this week and only sleep and trying to regulate our days / moods has helped. My blood sugar has also been really up and down so my moods are screwy. Going to a new endocrinologist today; we'll see if he has anything new or helpful to advise.

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