Tuesday, May 30, 2017

things i'm loving lately

A few things I'm loving lately:

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Bralettes! It's funny how nursing and having a second child can be so different than the first round. I loved these stretchy cloth nursing bras and Coobie bras the first year I had Lilly, but now I find them uncomfortable, unflattering, and less than ideal. I also wore nursing pads 24/7 until she was almost a year old (when my period came back and my boobs became permanently smaller). I don't have the huge pornstar boobs anymore, but I'm a SOLID C-cup and I rarely ever wear nursing pads this go-around. Part of the thing was having horrible thrush in AnnaCate's first couple of months (which breeds like crazy when you wear bacteria-enticing nursing pads) and part is just laziness. Printed tops and dresses definitely help disguise milk stains and the occasional leakage. All this is to say, lacy bralettes have become my best friend as of late... they're much better about not being obvious when you DO wear bulky nursing pads, they can be exposed without feeling slutty (I'm kind of really into slightly risque looks involving sideboob right now...), the lack of underwire helps keep mastitis away, and the stretchiness allows for ease in nursing. Bonus points if they have a little padding, but really -- the natural look (rather than faking huge boobs when you don't have them) is also really "in" right now. Praise.

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Neon swimsuits. Just got a hot pink Aerie swimsuit and I'm loving the color! There's something that makes a suntan "pop" about neon bikinis. Love! I'm kind of just in love with neon and white in general lately. 

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Jean shorts. I think I mentioned this previously, but I've been obsessed lately with getting a high-waisted "mom jeans" pair like all the festival-going youths... until I bought a really cute pair and tried it on and it looked TOO "mom jeans". No thanks, Tom Hanks! Going to stick with my cheap-o Tarjay pair from last year for now, with its normal waistline and lack of cuffed legs. Because cuffed shorts = wider thighs. NOT attractive!

Kettlebell exercises! Drew took off with Whole30 and has done AMAZING with not only his diet but a consistent exercise habit. I will join in on occasion with my little 15lb Walmart "kettlebell" -- still gets my heart rate up and fatigues my muscles somewhat, so I can't complain that I'm doing SOMETHING. I worked medium-hard on cleaning up my diet and becoming more aware of what I was eating this month (I lost two pounds, so I'm not upset about it) so I plan on really fixating on physical activity next month before our vacay. Of course Drew's dedication has resulted in a 14lb loss over the last 20 days (Woo hoo!)... I'm just not mentally or physically "there" right now. Nursing + diabetes + adulting with two small children... = lack of determination when it comes to rigidly following Whole30. Whatever!

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Rashguards for babies. We've been planning our vacay and something that seems sooooo necessary is adequate sun protection for my baby boos. I plan on either getting Beautycounter sunscreen or stocking up on all the Babyganics (probably both) to keep my alabaster babies' skin safe, as well as using a beach umbrella, sticking them in bonnets, and covering them up with long-sleeve swimsuits. Have you seen my little ginger?! (Related: Please dear Lord let Lilly be brown as a biscuit like I tend to be when exposed to sun...)

VACAY!!!!!! I think probably 60% of the fun of vacations is the planning and anticipation stages. I mean, think about it... you spend time dreaming about where you're going, packing, buying things to use on it, planning your itinerary, and if you're me and Drew, going for all the walks while hashing out all scenarios and how to optimize our time. Vacation is certainly a lot different than it was before kids (naptimes! kid-friendly restaurants! all the baby gear! peanut-free snacks! etc)... so much to consider and weigh when making decisions. We went from being ultra-relaxed and spontaneous ("When do you want to leave? Want to just play it by ear? Let's make a reservation for tonight!") to planning out every day and plotting out different ways things can go down so we have a plan B -- because ain't nothin' gonna ruin my precious vacation time, even if that means I have to think in advance what would be fun to do upstairs in the condo while naptime is happening. We learned a lot last year from taking our 1-year-old to the beach for two weeks (not consecutive; we had a friend trip and a family trip)... you need a lot of snacks, a lot of prunes (Lilly did not poop for our entire June vacation), things to do inside without feeling like you're going to go crazy and be super resentful because she wouldn't nap outside, to actually pack some toys to play with inside, a portable high chair booster is super helpful for keeping her contained, and more. I'll write a dedicated post about it next! Just talking through scenarios and thinking about our packing list gets me SO excited. Can't wait!!


What are you loving these days?! Any fun purchases? Do tell!

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