Wednesday, May 24, 2017

a happy day:: thinking through my ideal day

Oftentimes I think about what an ideal day would encompass. There's a lot of that kind of envisioning when you go through the Making Things Happen workbook or Design Life Project curriculum. My ideal day has shifted a lot over the last five years since I first thought about it -- back then, I didn't have kids, I lived at my parents' house and then Drew and I got our first apartment, I was working a myriad of wedding jobs for different vendors (pretty much every weekend was booked!), and Drew was studying.

Even over our first few years of marriage, I had the luxury of going to a 9:30am hot yoga class, strolling Target solo during the day, and could go to as many networking events as I could fit in, in a week. Children do change a lot about our lives!

Before, I didn't really have a pressing reason to wake up early. Besides the days I had to wake to teach a 5am class (which, let's be honest -- didn't happen until Lilly was born and I only had the option of teaching early early classes), I would sleep in until 9 or so most mornings just because I loved sleep. Drew and I tend to be night owls, even in the early days, so we'd stay up and talk -- or I'd stay up working and he'd stay up studying.
Nowadays, Lilly has a pretty set routine of when and where and how she sleeps -- she wakes up around 8 or 8:30am, takes a two-hour nap at 12:30pm, and goes to bed around 7:30/8pm. Julianna Cate is not nearly as predictable -- she'll catnap for brief periods throughout the day (sometimes 30 minutes, sometimes 45, occasionally over an hour), but she usually goes to bed by 10:30pm and wakes up around 8am. (Those are really fluid estimations though.)

I would ideally get 8 hours of sleep every night. My goal would be to go to bed by 10:30pm and wake up at 6:30am. That never happens (I always oversleep!), but that's my ideal situation.

I've found my peace of mind and serenity is least compromised when I get some alone time in the early morning. My morning ritual is sacred to me -- making a pot of french press coffee, drinking it hot with a hefty splash of almond milk as I read my list of blogs. (Let's be honest -- that's my only "interaction" with the outside world most days!!!!! Sad but true.)

Somewhere in my day needs to be a regimented exercise routine. Thus far I suck at doing it in the early morning (read: sleeping in), but maybe one day I can change that up. Drew and I have managed to sneak in some kettlebell couple time in the evenings on a few occasions -- would love if that could continue / be more consistent.

I also need easy healthy meals that don't require much time, effort, or thought. I am a creature of habit a lot of the time, so if that's necessary, so be it.
I am happiest when I have some sort of human interaction. Maybe that's a grocery store run, errand to the bank, or if I'm REALLY lucky... a GNO or coffee date! Can I have coffee dates again?! Going from one kid to two really put a damper on those. :(

On top of consistent intentional exercise, I need to be moving more in general. It's kind of horrifying how sedentary I can be when I hermit up at home. I opt not to go for walks, even when it's beautiful; I rarely get up and move my body... it's a problem. I'm trying to incorporate more dance parties into our everyday, and I really love when we can go on a long family walk before or after dinner in the evenings. Swoon.

Also necessary - quality time spent with Drew. My physical touch love language is usually pretty spent by the end of the day, after all the snuggles and breastfeeding from the girls. Sad for Drew. But a close second on our list is quality time, so we need an hour or so of hanging out, catching up, actually having a conversation, and pouring into our marriage cup. (I notice I also tend to have nothing to give if I'm not taking care of the other areas of my life that need attention. So all things are related.)

Other things that bring me life, to incorporate:  Getting dressed, putting on makeup, doing my hair, making my bed, tidying up as we go, enlisting Lilly's help with chores, a clean house, open windows, good music (latino dance music?), occasional wine, simplifying my wardrobe, checking things off a looming to-do list, going for a non-pressure jog, yoga, barre, self care appointments, kissing my babies' rolls, connecting with friends, encouraging others...

Part Two coming later this week!

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