Friday, March 24, 2017

five on friday

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Oh my goodness, the forecast for this week makes me SO HAPPY! It is 72 degrees outside right now, and the next 10 days are all in the 70s too! Sunshine and warmth is what the doctor ordered to get me out of this funk and feeling alive again. I'm wearing cutoff jean shorts, a tank top, and a swipe of bronzer; it genuinely impacts my mood.

TWO:: coinciding naptimes

BOTH girls are napping at the same time right now and I am LOVING it. This morning has been a little stressful; I sold a couple of pairs of maternity jeans on eBay (YAY!) and when I went to print the shipping label, I realized my printer's power cord had gotten fried from the electrical surge earlier this week. AGH!!!! All this is to say, I have otherwise utilized nap time for eating solo, putting on my makeup in peace, and now blogging. Hallelujah!

THREE:: it's the weekend!

Well, almost. We don't have any weekend plans, but we'll see our couple-friends tomorrow evening (we have an every-other-weekend standing date) and it looks like beautiful weather. Maybe a trip to the zoo is in order?!

FOUR:: barre

I got a random call earlier this week from my local barre3 studio that they were adding 3 free classes to my account because I haven't been in in a while. This is extremely exciting to me since I've been on a postpartum exercise freeze and will be able to start back up in the next couple of weeks! God tends to put opportunities with this barre studio (my favorite!!) into my life at the perfect time, so we'll see what's in store!!!

FIVE:: self-care

Oh, postpartum self-care... how elusive you are! I've been on virtual home arrest trying to keep the baby from getting sick, so we haven't really left the house since mid-February (besides going to Mom & Dad's, or the occasional doctor's appointment, etc). We're now reaching the point where AnnaCate can go out and it's less terrifying. But in the meantime, Drew let me run out by myself after Lilly's bedtime Wednesday night. I hit up Trader Joe's (for beaucoups of wine and nuts and random groceries) and Target (and got a tank top, bralette, and AnnaCate's easter basket!)... it's the little things that make you feel sane and energize you. I have an actual GIRLS' NIGHT scheduled for next Wednesday that I'm very much looking forward to, too.

Okay, both girls are now crying in their beds... off to say sayonara to my peaceful nap time quiet!

Monday, March 13, 2017

happy due date, annacate!

How far along: Would be 40 weeks, finally! Baby is now almost one month old -- she'll be a month on Wednesday!
Total weight gain: I am currently at +5 over pre-pregnancy weight. My max was +29lbs, and I delivered at +25lbs.
Baby Size: She weighed 9lbs 5oz at birth. She's currently over 10lbs now -- Lord help me, she would've been 13 or so if she'd gone full term!
Stretch marks: I managed to get away scot-free!
Clothes: Pretty much everything fits again! Except bras, obviously. 
Sleep: Now that I'm not miserably pregnant, I sleep like a normal person and don't need 20 hours a day! Hallelujah, energy is back!
Cravings: I still want all the ice and everything crunchy -- like nuts, chocolate chips and chunks, oats, all the texture. Craving sugar, carbs, trying to get back on a healthy kick. Eating a lot of pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, lactation cookies, and carrot cake lately.
Symptoms: I've survived the night sweats, mood swings (not nearly as bad this time!), intense sense of smell (not nearly as bad this time!), etc. Post-birth contractions to shrink my uterus sucked the first couple of days and I had one major clot pass, but relatively easy and painless recovery. Praise!!!
Diabetes Management: I am now on 2u with meals and 8u at night. Just have to keep it under 200 post-prandial and under 140 fasting.
Exercise: We've been on a few walks. I've been wanting to do squats and lunges to get my butt/legs in shape but have been refraining due to doctor's orders. I also want to get my abs to get back together (I have 1cm lower ab separation) but not sure how to do that... do I just wait until 6 weeks postpartum and see what it looks like then?
Mood: So happy, grateful, loving life!
Belly Button in or out? Back in for good, whew!
Nesting: Our nest has been nested. I'm still working on completing AnnaCate's bedroom -- finally got her crest printed and hung and her lamb organizers ordered this week, hoping to have things mostly finished by her Sip & See.
Nursery: Needs a few things -- crib skirt, canopy, newborn session photo prints framed and hung, etc.
Best Moment this week: Spending weekend with grandparents!
Thankful for: God, family, our precious daughters, Drew, friends.
Looking forward to: Extended family coming into town this weekend!
Doctor Visits: 7 weeks for me, 8 weeks for baby.
Baby Position:  In my arms!!!!!!
Movement: Pretty sleepy but currently nursing :)
Labor Signs: Baby in arms!!!!!!
How is Lilly: Adores her bebe!!!!! Best big sissy!!!!!!!!

Things Left to Do:
Buy diapers
Get our car back, return Mom's 4-Runner
Get car detailed
Install infant carseat
Stock up on pads & nursing pads
Make freezer meals (Drew)
Prepare taxes
Get postnatal massage
Make it through this week's wedding meetings
Wrap up clients' wedding details for the most part
Prepare to hand things over to VA for the month of March
Organize boxes of baby clothes
Clean off desk in office
Fully pack hospital bag
Officially book newborn photography
Get hair cut & colored (Feb. 7)