Wednesday, February 1, 2017

it's february!

Seems like a good month to have a baby, amirite? January kicked my ass nearly as much as 2016 did, but it was also very promising and I feel we're on the up & up at long last.

Challenges / Blessings from this month:
- We FINALLY got our SUV back from the shop this Monday after my Dec 30 wreck, and immediately the Check Engine light came on and our "ignorable" wheel bearing issue became less ignorable. We checked the warranty and we literally had about 100 miles remaining on it, so off to the dealer it went. We'll yet again be down to one car but at least we caught it in the nick of time and maybe it'll be safe by the time baby comes.
- Mid-month we got our insurance coverage woes taken care of, and now we're all set. I'll never take health insurance for granted again!!
- Our dining room reno is complete!! Check check. And we have a garbage disposal installed
- My great aunt Lucy passed away last week, so we celebrated her life on Sunday. She was a good woman and so full of joy!! What a blessing it was to know her.
- AnnaCate is growing fast but as of the last ultrasound (Mon), not TOO fast. She's estimated to be 6lbs right now. We have a tentative induction date of Feb 27, so looks like this will be the month of babies!!! My best friend is about ready to legit pop (I'll be shocked if she makes it to the weekend!!!) with baby Lucy. Come on, February babies!!!
- Lilly's made it to school three times... and so of course now we all have colds. At least the initial shock of transition is gone. It's still a tearful drop off, but my anxiety is lessened as we go along, and I hope Lilly's will be too.
- This week is my final week of cram packed full wedding appointments. I need to make it to Sunday then I can breathe easily -- lots resting on a successful and productive Thurs-Fri-Sat.

Here's to red and pink, love and romance, babies born, a little relaxing time, self-care appointments to get pampered (I AM SO UNCOMFORTABLE), and a fresh start of a new month! Maybe we'll even buy a new car this month!

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