Sunday, February 26, 2017

five on friday

It's that time! Five on Friday!!

ONE:: momming two

Man, y'all! Mothering two under 2 is not for the faint of heart! We survived our first few days of just us Dellinger gals this week and no one has died / gotten brutally injured or emotionally scarred. Hallelujah! I made Drew pick me up some Sauvignon Blanc (sadly he couldn't find my favorites but he did bring home a good-enough bottle) last night so we cheersed to almost making it to Friday. And now it is Friday, Lilly Beth is in school until the afternoon, and for the first time ever, I don't have any appointments to make while she's away! Overall, our sweet toddler is taking the transition well -- she loves loves loves her "bebe" and asks about her frequently, and we've only had a few incidents involving roughhousing, which is lessened when I give her ample one-on-one snuggle time and keep her away from rooms involving couches or hard tables. (We watch a lot of Elmo from the high chair these days... let's be real.) She did sob her little heart out this morning at playschool dropoff (which almost made me break down too), but she's had three weeks off (from me being hospitalized / incapacitated from exhaustion / in labor) so it was high time to get back to school and try to regain normalcy and routine.

TWO:: routine

Drew and I have always been fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants kinds of people, never really creatures of habit since we get bored and love spontaneity. Maybe it's partially that we're getting older, or maybe it's just that we have children now, but routine has never looked so necessary for our sanity and our babies'. We probably won't ever have a super rigid schedule that allows for no wiggle room (we legit have family that honor a weekly "Leftovers Night" and refuse to make plans that would ever interfere with it!), but having rituals that help Lilly know what's coming make things a lot more seamless, and give us a chance to feel somewhat in control in the midst of chaos.

THREE:: taxes & admin

WOOF! There are so many administrative tasks I desperately need to get done now that baby is born and time again exists to do so. Gulp! Taxes are a big one. I'm intimidated but must make progress!!! (Update:  I buckled down and got all the outstanding bills paid and short-term paperwork filled out / submitted. So much stuff!!! Just barely grazed the surface of taxes.)

FOUR:: ruffles and bell sleeves

I'm so tempted to give in to the current SUPER POPULAR trend of all the ruffled and bell sleeves but it has to be JUST RIGHT and not horribly expensive (because it's such a "trend" I can't imagine it'll stay en vogue for terribly long). Off-the-shoulder things are another trend I feel this way about -- last year I spent $12 on a black off-shoulder dress and it was perfect for a bachelorette party, vacation, and a couple date nights. It's still popular now so I'll probably get at least one more season out of it, and then it can potentially be retired. My issue with the bell sleeves thing is the only tops / dresses I like with them are all $60-100+. I'm definitely not spending near $400 on the Club Monaco sweater dress I adore, but I have a hard time justifying the $90 Endless Rose dress I want for Easter. Dilemmas!

FIVE:: sip & see

Now that my baby is born, it's high time for planning her sip & see party! I've always wanted to throw one of these, but didn't make much sense to do so for Lilly since we had showers in April immediately before she was born and a TON of visitors in the hospital / at home shortly after I had her. Anna Cate didn't have a shower and a lot of our close friends & family were sick so they didn't make it to the hospital to meet her, and with her being a winter baby I'd like to keep home visitors to a minimum to avoid sickness at all costs. So maybe a late March sip & see?! I have so many hopes and plans for this!!!! EEEK!

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  1. Yuck about taxes! We just finished ours and that's definitely no fun to do! I say treat yourself to some bell sleeves!!