Friday, February 3, 2017

five on Friday

It may be February, but here's my first Five on Fri for the year!

ONE:: Anna Cate

So as much as I'm excited to have a baby THIS MONTH, yesterday's preterm labor scare caught me WAAAAY off guard. I've been giving my best friend hell all week about her being dilated to 4cm (she's due on Valentine's Day!), and then I had my non-stress test with 5-min-apart contractions and a subsequent cervical check... and I about shit myself when they said I was 4cm!!!!!! WHAT?! They had to admit me into Labor & Delivery triage to administer a bag of IV fluids. I was totally "that girl," being wheeled into the hospital insisting, "I AM NOT IN LABOR. THIS BABY IS NOT COMING. THIS IS NOT HAPPENING." Fortunately I willed her back into staying put in my uterus and they discharged me around lunchtime, with modified bedrest orders and the necessity of drinking eighty billion glasses of water a day. Contractions have still come and go since, but they're at least not horribly painful (those during the NST were legit awful...) and now I am literally forced into chilling until she makes her arrival.

TWO:: Preparations

So, besides Anna Cate's development and health (which obvs take precedence above all else), the main reason I was in THIS IS NOT HAPPENING mode was because I was/am SO unprepared for her arrival. All of my extremely important work meetings were scheduled for Thursday-Friday-Saturday of this week, before I planned to take a backseat and do newborn life. I fortunately only missed a little catering tasting yesterday and had to skip a Kentucky site visit today (mama ain't driving two hours out of town!), but PRAYING I'll make it to my meetings tomorrow and then get to not worry about work as much henceforth. In vanity purposes, I was disappointed at the prospect of going into labor without curling my hair, getting a pedicure or manicure, or having anything ready to look remotely presentable for the zillions of labor pictures I'll be taking. My hospital bag was not fully packed, so Drew went home and stuffed it... it's really a good thing it was just a trial run, because he hilariously packed me SIX robes (a huge fluffy robe, two floral wedding robes, a silky robe, two knit jersey ones) / all full size toiletries / eighty pairs of underwear (he clearly forgot about the sexy mesh panties they'll give me) / glasses without their protective case / etc. Struggle bus! I have since gone through and taken out four of the robes, the undies, switched to travel size toiletries, and sent out an email to reschedule my next hair appointment so maybe I'll have fresh highlights and a cut before baby comes. I'm planning on getting a mani/pedi this morning before I head to the hospital for steroid shot #2, and Drew finally installed the carseat back into our car so we can take a baby home. But seriously... Anna Cate, stay in there for a little longer.

THREE:: Drew Nesting
My sweet, sweet husband... How I love him! When he goes into panic mode, he gets ULTRA-productive. It's really a convenient neurosis... I called him from the hospital, he made his way home and threw all of the things in the car, then when I got discharged he went out and bought a few things we needed (a sweet stuffed Elmo toy to give Lilly "from the baby" at the hospital when she does arrive, some workout clothes for himself since he's been wearing the same ratty Walmart basketball shorts from like 2004, etc) and headed home to throw our house into a whirlwind of cleanliness and organization. He moved the TV into our bedroom (since I'd requested it there for the nights of nonstop breastfeeding... it was so nice to binge watch Bloodlines when Lilly was constantly nursing), did a complete overhaul of our linen closet, got all the important baby things down from the attic, moved all my jewelry / breakables out of Lilly's access, vacuumed and scrubbed the floor and underneath the bed / huge pieces of furniture, and overall just kicked ass at home while I was hopping around work meetings. Thank you, Jesus, for this man. He's so different than me and like me, all at once. But I am especially grateful for the ways he's different than me and so much better at certain things than I will ever be!

FOUR:: The Car

As you may recall from previous posts this year, we have been SUV-less since December 30 when I got in a car accident, rear-ending the white vehicle in front of me I couldn't see in blazing sunrise when we were going to drop it off in the first place because I had a flat tire. The entire insurance and repair process kind of sucked -- the auto shop didn't even notice our car had been towed to their lot until it had been there for a week, and then it took another 10 or so days to give us an ESTIMATE... and from there, they kept it for a total of 4.5 weeks. We FINALLY picked up on Monday afternoon, and of course the second we turned it on, the "Check Engine" light came on and we noticed the wheel bearings were making a godawful sound every time we'd hit above 40mph on the road. Struggle bus. By the grace and mercy of God, we managed to check the paperwork and call our auto dealer to see how long our extended warranty was good for... and literally had less than 100 miles left before it would expire!!!!!!!! (That would be used up in less than 3 one-way trips to my parents' house, for reference!) We immediately drove it to the dealership to have them assess it, and although we are STILL carless (my poor mom has not had her car in a month as a result, and all this after we were so excited to give it back to her Monday night, washed and gassed up and with a thank-you gift card!), the process has been A TRILLION TIMES better working with the dealership and their service department. God has been ultra-merciful with us on this... we're having over $3k worth of issues fixed with only a TINY deductible. 10x the return, all because the timing had us check out the warranty with just a few miles left to go. THANK YOU LORD!

FIVE:: Non-Maternity Clothes

Since my days are SERIOUSLY numbered for having this massive bump stick around, I have been perusing the interwebs frequently checking out beautiful non-maternity clothes. Things catching my eye lately:  sexy one-piece swimsuits (for the #mombod), little white dresses and lace tops, comfy-cozy sweaters... and that might be it. Get in my closet!!!

Have an excellent week! Here's to hopefully still having baby be cooking this time next week... and a Valentine's Day babe??

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  1. So glad baby girl is still snug and safe - put your feet up and rest sweet mama. Saying our prayers for you x