Monday, February 13, 2017

bebe dos:: thirty-six weeks

How far along: 36 weeks! Close enough to full-term!

Total weight gain: +30ish. I had lost a pound last week so no idea where I'm truly at now.
Baby Size: 7lbs?
Stretch marks: None, thank God! Even my boobs have been spared.
Clothes: Stretchy shorts. Jersey dresses. Chinos. Maternity leggings & shirts. Piko tops. My black lace-top dress. 
Sleep: Never can get enough. We all napped for three hours yesterday.
Cravings: All the ice. Food is annoying. Zone Perfect bars in Cookie Dough flavor. Chocolate espresso trail mix.
Symptoms: Contractions, huge bump, uncomfortable all the time, kicked ribs, back pain, groin pain, major fatigue doing any and everything, everything itches. Insane bloody noses and so much snot.
Diabetes Management: It's getting better, so placenta must not be as crazy these days.
Exercise: Walks!!! Got taken off bedrest on Tuesday, so I'm back to normal activity.
Mood: So grumpy, irritable, hard to be around, impatient.
Miss Anything: Energy.
Belly Button in or out? I think we can go ahead and call it out now.
Nesting: Well.. we bought a new car! A total mom-mobile - Toyota Highlander Ltd with leather interior and third-row seating. Got our car back, packed them to the brim with hospital things. Keeping house pretty tidy, washing lots of windows and trimming bushes. Drew's doing his meal prep thing.
Nursery: Basically ready for baby. We still haven't done the whole cornice and canopy thing yet.
Best Moment this week: Uneventful medical appointments, making it another week without having a premature baby, relief from some of the steroid issues, help from Mom, buying a new car?
Thankful for: God, family, time with Lilly, Drew, finances, friends.
Looking forward to: Laken will have baby Lucy this week!  
Doctor Visits:  Tuesday & Friday.
Baby Position:  Head down lowwwww.
Movement: Consistent. 
Labor Signs: 4cm dilated, 60% effaced. Consistent contractions. Nothing else.
How is Lilly: Adorable, a little clingy. Been wanting to nurse lately (huh?). So sweet!

Overall -- spent a lot of this week thinking she was coming, but no dice. Went on date night with Drew on Thursday, test drove the Highlander, had dinner at Sopapilla's, thought for sure my water would break by the morning. But still every time I go to bed, contractions hold up and I wake up the next morning with no baby. Mom took Lilly on Thursday after I was having a struggle-bus time trying to work on things and having no energy whatsoever. Picked her back up Friday afternoon in time to buy our new car. Saturday night went really well with Drew's family -- had filets, made chocolate torte for Valentine's Day, played a game, everyone had good conversation and pitched in with Lilly. Sunday was lazy but good. Here we go, week 36! Laken's getting induced Wednesday if she still hasn't gone into labor yet. Who knew you could just chill at 4cm FOREVER?

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Things Left to Do:
Buy diapers
Get our car back, return Mom's 4-Runner
Get car detailed
Install infant carseat
Stock up on pads & nursing pads
Make freezer meals (Drew)
Prepare taxes
Get final prenatal massage (Feb. 1 & Feb 18)
Make it through this week's wedding meetings
Wrap up clients' wedding details for the most part
Prepare to hand things over to VA for the month of March
Organize boxes of baby clothes
Clean off desk in office
Fully pack hospital bag
Monogram girls' pajamas
Officially book newborn photography
Get hair cut & colored (Feb. 7)
Go to one last prenatal yoga class

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