Monday, February 6, 2017

bebé dos:: thirty-five weeks

How far along: 35 weeks!

Total weight gain: +30
Baby Size: 6+ lbs
Stretch marks: None, thank God!
Clothes: Maternity jeans & tees. Leggings. Sandals when my feet are swollen. Elsas. Gray sweater & chinos.
Sleep: All of it. Nonstop sleep.
Cravings: Shaved ice. Chocolate cake. Salad. 
Symptoms: Pretetm labor scare. Joint and groin pain, ribcage pain. Fatigue. Major back pain. 
Diabetes Management: Same dosage. Correctional dosages from steroid shots.
Exercise: Bedrest. 
Mood: Pushed to the limit. Waiting now. 
Miss Anything: Not hurting. Energy. Being small. 
Belly Button in or out? In, barely. Not going to make it much longer.
Nesting: Getting admitted to L&D last Thursday sent us into a flurry of preparations. Bags are packed. Car seats in cars. House is clean. Rock & play set up. Travel size things bought. Ready as we'll ever be.
Nursery: Not perfect but ready to receive a baby.
Best Moment this week: Narrowly evading birthing a preemie?
Thankful for: Family. Excellent medical care. Supportive clients. God's timing.
Looking forward to: Whenever AnnaCate does arrive. Lucy's arrival.  
Doctor Visits:  Tomorrow. Ultrasound & OB, Friday NST.
Baby Position:  Head down. 
Movement: Consistent. 
Labor Signs: 4cm dilated, 60% effaced. Consistent contractions. Nothing else.
How is Lilly:  Spending so much time with Grandma. My parents are helping majorly with bedrest. Lilly's chill, not clingy, just biding her time.

Overall -- WHAT A WEEK! We got our car back, then had major issues with it and realized we were a hundred miles left on the warranty and dropped it off immediately to be fixed at the dealership. So down to one car again. My final work meetings were Thurs / Fri / Sat... interrupted by an unexpected non-stress test with a lot of contractions, resulting in preterm labor hospital admission and IV administration. They released me, I did what I could with work, we hustled to get ready any way possible for the baby to come early. I got two steroid shots. I'm on modified bedrest now, drinking a shit ton of water. Managed to swing by Laken's Super Bowl party last night. Reunited with Lilly this morning. Staying at parents' place now. Weird week. 

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Things Left to Do:
Buy diapers
Get our car back, return Mom's 4-Runner
Get car detailed
Install infant carseat
Stock up on pads & nursing pads
Make freezer meals (Drew)
Prepare taxes
Get 2 massages (Feb. 1 & Feb 18)
Make it through this week's wedding meetings
Wrap up clients' wedding details for the most part
Prepare to hand things over to VA for the month of March
Organize boxes of baby clothes
Clean off desk in office
Fully pack hospital bag
Monogram girls' pajamas
Officially book newborn photography
Get hair cut & colored (Feb. 7)
Go to one last prenatal yoga class

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