Tuesday, January 3, 2017

bebe dos:: thirty weeks!

How far along: 30 weeks! How did we get here?
Total weight gain: +20ish
Clothes: Leggings, black solid long sleeve tee, navy stripe tee with green sateen pants, comfy socks, hunter boots, bodycon dress (to Wedertz wedding), Lularoe leggings, Lilly luxletic crops, neon coral puffer
Sleep: Need a lot. Going to bed around 10, wake around 7. Took a glorious nap to recoup yesterday after Saturday's wedding.
Cravings: Shaved ice. Loved every second of eating my NYE grits.
Symptoms: Nosebleeds, bump, major groin / ligament pain, lot of Braxton Hicks, little back pain, difficulty sleeping.
Diabetes Management: Up again on dosage - 2u with breakfast, 6u with lunch, 8u with dinner, 16u overnight.
Exercise: Minimal. Need to do barre, yoga, walk.
Mood: Grateful my last pre-baby wedding is complete. Ready for a peaceful year.
Miss Anything: Wine.
Nesting: Still relatively full force.
Nursery: Thus far - painted, rug in place, crib assembled, frames bought, lamp and nightlight in place, new desk & chair set up for my workspace, curtains rehung, glider & ottoman moved in, new bow closet knobs installed. Need mattress, bedding, cornice & canopy, prints/artwork.
Best Moment this week:  New Year's Day! Wedding complete, help with Lilly by family, 
Thankful for: Safety despite car accident Friday morning, NYE wedding went off successfully without a hitch (and is OVER! HELLO MATERNITY LEAVE!), family that helps out all the time...
Looking forward to: 2017! So much to do, so much to plan for, so much transition and newness... praying for relief of anxiety, for Lilly to thrive in her new play school environment (on Fridays!), for direction and safety for this baby's delivery, for successful breastfeeding relationship, for balance and priorities and love.
Doctor Visits:  Next Friday is our next one. I think it's the 13th? Then every week, biweekly appointments!
Baby Position:  Alllll over.
How is Lilly:  Talkative, adorable. I'm nervous about thrusting her into a daycare-type situation, but she will do well and it's just another transition. She says she's ready!

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