Monday, January 16, 2017

bebé dos:: thirty-two weeks

How far along: 32 weeks!

Total weight gain: +20. 22.5 on my home scale; we'll see Tuesday.
Clothes: Frequently wearing my Lilly luxletic leggings, green chinos, Lilly Elsa tops, monochromatic black outfits. Broke out the old maternity jeans from Dani / that I wore with Lilly; they're so much more comfortable than those damn designer jeans I got this time around. (Such a regret!)
Sleep: I need all the sleep there is. All I do is sleep and pee nonstop. Sleep, pee, want to sleep, complain, eat ice, hurt.
Cravings: Shaved ice. Cereal with milk and cut up apples!!!! (I would've killed for that last night. DESPERATE.) 
Symptoms: Nosebleeds, groin pain, faintness, major ribcage pain. Difficulty sleeping. Fatigue. Braxton Hicks & legit contractions. AWFUL foot cramp. Back pain. 
Diabetes Management: Same dosage.
Exercise: Took my first prenatal yoga class of the pregnancy this week! It was really hard and I got the worst charley horse of my life (in my foot) afterwards. It was literally worse than labor.
Mood: So grateful. Insurance resolved, warm weather this week, things are looking up!! 
Miss Anything: The beach. Spring and springtime Savannah trips! 
Nesting: Major cleaning and painting the dining room, courtesy of Drew! He is a rockstar and does so much around the house!
Nursery: May get Anna Cate llama sheets!
Best Moment this week:  When everything got fixed! It was nice having Julianna & Kiggans over too.
Thankful for: Drew times a billion. Family, my parents and their willingness to let us borrow Dad's truck. Drew's family (Dan is over here installing our garbage disposal now!). The squeaky wheel finally getting the grease. Health insurance (I'll never take it for granted!). God's mercy and grace with us. Security and safety. Working cars. Auto insurance. A car that's getting repaired.
Looking forward to: Getting our house more enjoya-livable. Valentine's Day, Easter, springtime, eventually a trip to the beach or Charleston (or both).
Doctor Visits:  Tomorrow starts the 3x/week appointments. Ultrasound & OB Tuesday, non-stress fetal monitoring Friday. Frequenting the hospital.
Baby Position:  ALL UP IN MY RIBCAGE! So uncomfortable. Sleeping is not comfortable at all. My back hurts too.
How is Lilly:  She started school!!!!!! We both cried at drop off but she did PHENOMENALLY. So proud of my big girl!!!!

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