Monday, January 23, 2017

bebé dos:: thirty-three weeks

How far along: 33 weeks!

Total weight gain: +25 according to my doctor, but that must be from a reeeeeeally low point of my first trimester. I'm still thinking +20-22.
Clothes: Gray long sleeve tee, black lounge pants, Lilly luxletic leggings, Lularoe leggings, green maternity pants, Lilly puffers and hot pink shirt dress. Can't find my black leggings, so that's really cramping my comfort-style. Also, been wearing my walmart athletic shorts with built-in underwear often, too!
Sleep: Gimme all of it. I get tired doing ANYTHING -- I need a nap daily. Even if it's short.
Cravings: Shaved ice. Cereal with milk and cut up apples. Apple & sunflower seed butter. Cake.
Symptoms: EVERYTHING HURTS AND I AM DYING. Everything is pulling, straining, aching. Major joint and groin pain, ribcage pain. Fatigue. Braxton Hicks & legit contractions. Back pain. 
Diabetes Management: Same dosage. Not doing excellent - need to send over levels.
Exercise: Hahahahahaha. I stretched a little this week. EVERYTHING HURTS.
Mood: A little anxious / worried today. Not for a particular reason, but everything just feels a little shaky right now. I want to snuggle my baby close and just be here for her. Got some overwhelming work coming up.
Miss Anything: Not hurting. Energy. Motivation. 
Nesting: Ordered a fancy new double stroller I'm really excited about, as well as a cover for My Brest Friend pillow. Drew and his dad installed our new garbage disposal. We finished painting the dining room (for the most part) and Drew installed our new chandelier!!! It looks a trillion times better!!! 
Nursery: I bought the llama sheets. Still haven't ordered new crib mattress. Put pictures in the frames but not necessarily for the nursery.
Best Moment this week: Maybe just spending time with Drew and Lilly this weekend? We holed up at home for the most part and worked on our projects. Lilly is the huggiest!
Thankful for: Drew. Booboo. My parents. Family, support systems. Faith. Home. HVAC. Health. Good medical care.
Looking forward to: Valentine's Day. My massages on Feb 1 & 18. Meeting this baby.
Doctor Visits:  Had two this week - ultrasound (yikes my baby is 5lb5oz!) and OB, then NST Friday. Same thing this upcoming week, only no OB after my U/S.
Baby Position:  Head down, happy to report!
How is Lilly:  Survived Day #2 of school! It was still a weepy drop-off and pickup, but she's doing well. She's so sweet and hugs us tightly right now. She turns 21 months today!!!

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