Monday, January 9, 2017

bebe dos:: thirty-one weeks

How far along: 31 weeks!

Total weight gain: +20-something from pre-preg?
Clothes: Elsa top & green sateen pants. A lot of monochromatic black (leggings & long tee), black glossy Hunters. 
Sleep: I need all the sleep there is.
Cravings: Shaved ice.
Symptoms: Nosebleeds, groin pain, faintness, major ribcage pain. Difficulty sleeping. Fatigue. Braxton Hicks & legit contractions.
Diabetes Management: Keeping in line with current dosages. They seem to be working, except for maybe dinner. Got upped one unit for fasting.
Exercise: Majorly minimal. I'm pitiful.
Mood: Throwing my hands up -- everything is kind of hard and not going seamlessly my way lately. Jesus, take the wheel!!!!!! I'm sad and disheartened and a little hopeless and worn down. Hungry.
Miss Anything: Health insurance. Mexico. Really good champagne.
Nesting: I've kind of coasted here lately, but we have projects underway. Drew's made major progress on the garage organization. I need to scour and deep clean the whole house but there aren't enough hours in the day.
Nursery: Ordered blush tulle for the canopy / crib skirt this week. Looked at some PRECIOUS felted lamb accessories from PBK. Her nursery doesn't have a theme in the slightest, but now it's kind of Charleston - sheep - coastal - Lilly Pulitzer - soft pastels.
Best Moment this week:  Well, mom retired this week... so maybe that? Yay Mom!
Thankful for: Supportive family nearby. Not having to leave my house on the snow day. Technology that allows me to call in / FaceTime in to meetings. Heat. Marriage. Drew - my cooking, cleaning, organizing expert husband. My beautiful combination nursery-office. Faith. Knowing that everything WILL be okay -- I have Drew, I have family, I have my Lilly baby, I have this baby inside me. We may go broke, we may not have insurance, but we have each other.
Looking forward to: Some positive news? PLEASE?
Doctor Visits:  Next Friday is my next OB appointment. We are in a predicament because the state denied me and Lilly health insurance coverage (AHHHHH!), so praying to the dear Lord that we can get that resolved before my appointment.
Baby Position:  All over, and starting to run out of room. Her flips and somersaults get really uncomfortable sometimes.
How is Lilly:  She was supposed to start playschool this week, but got snowed out of her first day! Otherwise she's a little rough with me physically lately - pinching, gnawing on my knee (what's that about?), clawing at me. It's not intentional but still effing hurts.

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