Monday, January 30, 2017

bebé dos:: thirty-four weeks

How far along: 34 weeks!
Total weight gain: +a billion. Super nervous about OB appointment weigh-in.
Baby Size: ?
Stretch marks: None, thank God!
Clothes: Green sateen chinos. Leggings. My aqua non-maternity v-neck. Drew's J Crew half-zip sweater. Lilly Skipper popover. Nightgown and sleep shirt. Navy stripey maternity top and gray maternity top. Lot of open vests. Black & cream striped maternity dress to Mary Lucy's funeral.
Sleep: All the naps. Slept in several mornings when Lilly was at Grandma's; still need naps.
Cravings: Shaved ice. Chocolate cake. Carb-smart vanilla ice cream.
Symptoms: Mom says she looks like she's dropped. Joint and groin pain, ribcage pain. Fatigue. Major back pain. 
Diabetes Management: Same dosage. Not doing excellent - need to send over levels.
Exercise: Some walks.
Mood: Been stressed. Lot going on this week -- wrapping up work meetings, site visits, doc appointments, lots of Lilly staying with Grandma. Must make it to next Sunday!
Miss Anything: Not hurting. Energy. Being tiny. 
Belly Button in or out? In, barely. Not going to make it much longer.
Nesting: Finally oxycleaned baby clothes, folded and sorted laundry. Working on hospital bag packing. I have a teensy bit of extra downtime this week with all the childcare I've got going on, so maybe I can tackle a little more work.
Nursery: Crib is set up with mattress and llama sheets, BF cover is on pillow. Need to tidy up desk.
Best Moment this week: Getting the dining room finished, spending time with Drew.
Thankful for: Drew. Booboo. My parents. Family, support system.
Looking forward to: My massage scheduled for Wednesday night. Sleep, always. Laken having Lucy (when will it be?!?! She's 38 weeks Tuesday!). Meeting Anna Cate. Lilly meeting Anna Cate. Not being pregnant anymore (although it started to hit me last night when "Closing Time" came on the radio at the restaurant we were eating at -- took a LOT for me to not sob at the table). How good and full of love life gets when you have a baby. Trusting life will be incredible with Anna Cate in it!
Doctor Visits:  Two this week -- tomorrow (U/S and OB) and Thursday morning before my marathon planning sessions. Nervous.
Baby Position:  Head down, kicking my ribs and back on the daily.
Movement: Consistent. She was sleeping during my non-stress test on Friday so they buzzed her and she got pissed and rolled off the monitor -- so funny.
Labor Signs: Baby "dropping," according to Mom. Overwhelming desire to wash my windows.
How is Lilly:  The sweetest. She's had an upset stomach for a few days which meant a sleepless Friday night, but she's precious and cuddly and I could hug her and let her sleep in my arms forever. Drop-off was teary again -- wondering when she'll start loving preschool. Hoping it's soon, but she has to skip this week for my KY site visit. She'll be the best big sister. I love that baby so much. She'll always be my baby!!!!

Overall -- I'm uncomfortable. People occasionally have said things like, "You won't make it two more weeks!" / "You look like you're about to pop!" / "You're way bigger than you were with Lilly!" but all I can think is -- it doesn't work like that (as in, you don't just get so big that you literally pop, and I'm pretty sure I did get bigger with Lilly since I made it to 38 weeks with her, and that's *gulp* still a month away from where I am now). MORE people tell me I look great (and more often than the negative nancies' commentary) and are encouraging, especially considering I'm juggling all this with the 'beetus. I'm cross a lot of the time (especially with Drew, God bless him) but trying to fit in little bits of happiness... I bought some gorgeous $6 pink lilies at Trader Joe's on Friday that brighten my life, spending as much time in my beautiful blue rooms we've painted and redone as possible, planned out my massages (I hope they're comfortable!), hope to get a pedicure before JC arrives, and am overall working on things to spark joy. We'll see. I'm trying really hard to give this all up to God and trust His perfect timing because I'm nervous. And technically still due on March 13. Which sounds forever away. I know I won't go that long, but it does sound REALLY far away.

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Things Left to Do:
Buy diapers
Get our car back, return Mom's 4-Runner
Get car detailed
Install infant carseat
Stock up on pads & nursing pads
Make freezer meals (Drew)
Prepare taxes
Get 2 massages (Feb. 1 & Feb 18)
Make it through this week's wedding meetings
Wrap up clients' wedding details for the most part
Prepare to hand things over to VA for the month of March
Organize boxes of baby clothes
Clean off desk in office
Fully pack hospital bag
Monogram girls' pajamas
Officially book newborn photography
Get hair cut & colored (Feb. 21)
Go to one last prenatal yoga class

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