Wednesday, January 11, 2017

2016 recap + planning for the new year

2016 is officially complete! What a doozy of a year. It's been good in so many ways and hard in so many ways. So far 2017 has not started off too solid, but I'm trying to hold onto hope as best I can!

Recap of the year passed: January - Saw Tool in concert in the midst of snowpacalypse. 

February - Learned to monogram / use my embroidery machine. Celebrated Valentine's Day with Kat & Chad. Went to Memphis for a bridal shower. Survived horrible stomach virus, missed Rival Sons in concert. Paid final rent for office -- officially moved out! 
March - Got a zoo membership. Went to Savannah with Mom and Lilly. Hosted Easter brunch at our house. Lilly learned to crawl! Booked new client (Carly). Lilly started sleeping through the night with an early bedtime!!
April - Threw a bachelorette party. Finally got my period back after breastfeeding and was able to wear a normal bra again. Lilly turned 1! We celebrated with a Puppy Pawty; I was extremely grateful to have had it photographed. Lilly had an allergic reaction to peanut butter. Successfully managed first wedding of the season, despite weeks afterwards of crisis management when a vendor didn't follow through with a great job. Stressful.
May - First half of the month was wedding crisis managing from April wedding. Went to Birmingham for a friend's wedding. Managed a month-of wedding. Confirmed Lilly's peanut allergy. Went to the pool a lot.
June - Went to a wedding. Was MOH in a wedding in Memphis. Found out best friend is expecting! Went on fun friendcation. Got super tan and knocked up! Lilly learned to walk! Booked new client (Katie).
July - Found out we're expecting! (That was fast.) Went on fun family vacay at Tybee Beach, got even more tan. Celebrated 4th anniversary. Taught hot yoga up until the last of the month. Successful wedding direction. Booked new clients (Allison & Emeline).
August - Turned 27. Spent a lot of this month super nauseous. First ultrasound of this pregnancy. Set up home office upstairs. Drew turned 28. Took an impromptu trip to Savannah when Drew was working out of town. Drew worked out of town a lot. Managed a wedding, lots of wedding planning appointments. Started weaning Lilly. Found out we're having another girl!
September - Gender reveal party. Went to a wedding, worked a wedding. Announced our pregnancy. Had several houseguests. Drew worked out of town a lot. Threw a bridal shower. Finally stopped breastfeeding. Dad had a birthday and retired.
October - Hosted a bachelorette party. Drew worked out of town a lot. Spent week with Dani & kids at Mom's house. Was MOH in a wedding. Bump grew! Celebrated Halloween with neighbor-friends. Booked new client (Bridget).
November - Healthy anatomy scan & ultrasound for baby Julianna Cate. Election from hell. Drew got a new job! Spent Thanksgiving week in Savannah. Got new iPhones after mine took a trip through the washing machine and dove into the toilet in Charleston. Drew started his new job at the tail end of the month. Booked new clients (Victoria & Ellen).
December - Slightly scary ultrasound results - tested for cystic fibrosis (came back negative). Did all the Christmas things. Celebrated Jackson's 1st birthday, went to the Nashville parade, went to Dickens of a Christmas, Lilly met Santa twice and hated him both times. Decided last minute to spend Christmas in Savannah for the weekend. Lots of wedding preparations for NYE wedding + next year's clients. Planned for Lilly to start preschool in January. Attended two funerals (Denny & Jewell). Painted, furnished, and decorated nursery to 85% completion. Second ultrasound of month was good but I'll be induced in February. (WHAT?!) 

In the foreseeable future for 2017...

- Mom retires!
- Lilly starts "playschool" one day a week 
- Hopefully several prenatal massages -- I have the gift cards!!!!!! (One down, two scheduled!)
- A million doctors' appointments in January + February
- A million wedding appointments in January + February
- A whirlwind couple of days in wedding appointments at the beginning of February, plus NWPG retreat. 
- Birth of Julianna Cate Dellinger {February?!}
- Maternity leave {I can't take off three months like I did with Lilly. Planning to not take on in-person meetings the last half of February / all of March, and take on a Virtual Assistant for the month of March!}
- Birth of friends' babies:  Laken's daughter Lucy in Feb, Caitlyn's baby in May, Grace's baby in April, Amanda's daughter Zoey in April...
- Celebrate Lilly's 2nd birthday! She's turning two-two!
- Host Sip & See for AnnaCate
- At least 6-8+ weddings {Katie in May - full planning, Carly in June - full planning, Victoria in June - event management, Emeline in August - full planning, Bridget in October - partial planning, Ellen in October - unlimited planning, Rachel in November - event management}
- 5th wedding anniversary!
- 28th birthday / 29th for Drew
- Celebrating 10 years of being with Drew

What would I like to cultivate in 2017? Balance. Beauty. Peace. Joy. SLEEP. Splitting my time and attention is not going to be an option - it's a necessity. I'll have to figure out how to be a great mom to TWO little ones. AND a great wife to Drew. I'll be re-immersed in the world of breastfeeding all the time. I'll have to handle sleepless nights and mood swings and more limited time. We'll have to embrace some routine to have some semblance of sanity. I'll have to rely on family to help out when I simply can't do it all. 

Seasons are a-changin'! There's much to be said and done and fixed and planned for and more. Lord, be with us every step of the way.

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