Wednesday, December 21, 2016

my christmas wishlist

Sometimes you need a lighthearted subject when life just keeps hitting you hard. Here's my Christmas wishlist, although I would absolutely and wholeheartedly "settle" for one thing -- peace on earth. Twenty-seven years into living, I "get it."

The more frivolous things:

A SHAVED ICE MAKER. I crave Sonic ice 24/7 like NOBODY'S business. It's definitely a pregnancy craving -- got it this stage of pregnancy with Lilly too -- last time I was not remotely anemic, but it's possible it's a side effect of the diabetes (exhibiting itself with intense thirst a la ice craving). Could just be a "normal" craving, too. While the residential grade Sonic ice makers retail at like $3k, I would totally be happy with this $30 ice shaver. I don't mind if I have to put it in the garage to keep from waking up the littles, GIVE ME ALL THE ICE IN THE WORLD. (No flavoring, obviously. BUT ALL THE ICE IN THE WORLD!)

Prenatal Massage gift card. I didn't get a single prenatal massage during my pregnancy with Lilly, and it's quite a shame. You get SO UNCOMFORTABLE in these final weeks (we're talking like 10 - 12 weeks, y'all), nothing sounds nicer than someone rubbing all over my body (and specifically my feet).

A good pair of no-show socks. I tried several different kinds from Target last year and they sucked -- fell off my feet within a few steps of walking. Even with the silicone band at the heel! Meet at the Barre's Amanda recommended these and I take her advice very seriously. They're not cheap-cheap, but worth it if it'll keep my Keds from getting ruined again. (Just washed mine in the washing machine yesterday!)

Grace Not Perfection book. I love Emily Ley and can't wait to read her book!

Hard Drive for storing pictures from a Mac. Once again, another Amanda recommendation.

Lilly Pulitzer Luxletic Weekender Legging, size small in "Wade and Sea." I have lived in my Luxletic crops this past year and reeeeeally want the long ones for when I'm postpartum again and can wear normal-people leggings! Love love love this color and print! (Also love these!)

Lilly Pulitzer Palm Beach Silk Robe, size x-small/small in "Wade and Sea." This is a total splurge / luxury item, but I think it'd be lovely in newborn photos and so luxurious to wear when I'm covered in milk and in total survival mode. (So maybe it's not that practical of a gift...)

A beach vacay to look forward to! We actually may be going to Savannah for Christmas after all (AHHH!) so I could get this, even though it won't be remotely a babymoon.

It's insane to think how fast this holiday season has already gone! I feel way behind -- on work, finishing shopping, getting errands done, doing anything remotely productive. I'm in Christmas survival mode which is its own thing entirely! 

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