Thursday, December 29, 2016

'fess sesh:: holidaze edition

It's Thursday, and while The Newly isn't hosting her confessionals series anymore, here are my confessions:

- The farther I get along with this pregnancy, the SERIOUSLY harder it is to keep from peeing on myself on a DAILY BASIS. (WHAT IS THIS LIFE?!) Laughing, sneezing, I am never safe.

- It has not remotely settled in that I will be giving birth to another baby in less than 9 weeks. WHAT?! FEBRUARY? AS IN not next month but the next???

- I seriously considered 1. sending out last year's Christmas cards that I addressed but never mailed off, and 2. designing, printing, and sending out birth announcements for my now TWENTY-MONTH-OLD baby because I never sent those. Verdict seems to be that I won't send anything, but I at least have plans to make dedication announcements for Lilly once that day comes. Because being born again is more important than original birth anyways, right? ;)

- I have a to-do list a mile long. I need to write it here...

Confirm details and timing with NYE wedding vendors
Submit application and fee to Lilly's preschool
Get Dani's Christmas gift
Accept Amy's album proof
Opt for new insurance elections
Do paperwork for COBRA
Get tax information ready for Valerie before the baby comes
Plan floral meetings for Rice wedding
Confirm details for Jan 2 meeting
Submit blood sugar levels to Tiffanie
Wrap remaining presents
Get assistants gifts and mail them out
Figure out a good schedule for 2017 - workouts, healthy meals, utilizing my time well
Talk to new caterer about Wright wedding?
Send floral recs for Wright wedding?
Schedule one-on-one meeting with MCTE & BBJ for Wright wedding
Register for childbirth

- I procrastinated sending out Lilly's preschool application so now I'm not sure she'll be accepted for January. Whoops. This is going to be a major problem for Jan. 6 if I can't get something arranged...

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