Tuesday, December 13, 2016

envisioning my life:: resolve planning

Here we are, a couple weeks into December. I literally just changed our calendar over to December TODAY, but somehow I've been preparing for this month since November 1 rolled around. (Seriously, where did November go though??) The holidays are always a blur -- travel, parties, family get-togethers, social gatherings of all calibers, work dinners, kid events, church functions, you name it. I wanted to make the most of our holiday season while not getting completely swept away so that we miss it. I can't "check out" of weddings, either, since I have my last wedding of the season/year on New Year's Eve!

A combination of impeccable timing has led us to a good place right now. Drew is a couple of weeks into his new job with the state (which means better hours, no weekends or busy tax season, better pay and benefits, and overall more time at home!). I am wrapping up my last wedding before the new baby arrives while also making major headway with my full planning clients for next year (and they're allllllll full planning for the most part!). Lilly begins Mother's Day Out one day a week in January. I'm rapidly approaching my third trimester (like, next week!) so we're in full-force nesting mode at home... nursery is painted, new furniture bought, home office refreshed, organization systems enacted. It's a perfect storm of getting stuff done in a season that's usually all-encompassing and emotionally overwhelming on its own.

All this said, I'm giving a lot of thought as to how I'm ending this calendar year and how next year will go. 2015 seemed really hard for a lot of people, and truly I was in survival mode for almost all of it. I finally resurfaced above the water in February of this year, and then 2016 as a whole was brutal for different reasons. Good, but hard. 

Things I want to see happen in the new year:  Better health. More routine, stability, groundedness. (I pushed back so much on routine in my early to mid twenties! Crazy how I've seen it become more and more important as I get older.) More preparation and front-end work to not flounder when push comes to shove. (I would like to NOT be in strictly "survival mode" for the first 10 months of Anna Cate's life.) Roots and community. Wisdom, maturity, discipline. Intentional self-care. Tending to my marriage, on top of focusing on mothering.

I want to do barre as an everyday, routine thing. I want to wear real clothes, do my hair and keep up highlights / routine cuts, shower consistently, and have somewhat of a routine life. Consistency isn't the devil -- esp when my babies need sleep, I need sleep, and I have so much to juggle. It's occurring to me that life can be spent any plethora of ways; we get to choose our path. Do you want to be healthy and feel good and confident in your skin? Act accordingly. Do you want to be frazzled and rushed and a hot mess? Keep procrastinating and living by the seat of your pants.

How do I envision 2017?

Structure to my weeks
Physical activity is a priority I make time for
Successfully "adulting" in certain areas:  maintenance of home and appearance, taking responsibility, intentionally planning and acting accordingly, making hard but wiser choices
Keeping sane with self-care practices and tending to my marriage
Spending one-on-one time with both my daughters
Embracing the new normals that come with having a second child
Working smarter, more efficiently, and more proactively for clients
Taking care of my body as I nourish a new child
Really, truly listening
Investing in community and rich relationships

Specific goals I'd like to set (in no particular order!):

Throw Lilly a precious ballet-themed "She's two-two!" second birthday party
Plan to attend an industry conference
Complete at least 100 barre classes in some capacity (online, in studio, whatever!)
Adopt a dog
Breastfeed all 2017 (ideally until AnnaCate self-weans, no end date in mind)
Safely deliver AnnaCate
Send out paper birth announcements
Manage my diabetes with aplomb and grace in the final trimester of pregnancy
Book newborn / first year photography for AnnaCate
Plan an international vacation for Drew and me for 2018

Little things that bring me joy, to incorporate in daily life:
lilly giggles and happy dances
lighting delightful-smelling candles
fresh coffee in the morning (schedule timer?)
date nights
in-studio workouts
beautiful clothing
wearing makeup
getting highlights on a consistent basis
getting manicures or pedicures
delicious meals with peppers, avocados, garlic, lots of texture and color!
the beach, the ocean
golden doodles or poodles
snuggling my cats
snuggling my daughters
snuggling Drew
playing social games
throwing parties
drinking wine
going barefoot
wearing attractive athleisure attire
being outside
going for walks
meeting with clients
putting together wedding design aspects
learning new things
natural linen, vintage wood washes, neutral tones, coastal style
live plants and fresh flowers
preppy or ultrasoft baby clothing
monogramming things
giving beautiful gifts
praying over people
writing handwritten letters and notes
pretty colors: ivory, taupe, champagne, blush, evergreen, cranberry, bright red, raspberry, coral, turquoise, orchid
writing / blogging
being a resource for others
 encouraging others
seersucker, velvet, velveteen, satin, cashmere, the softest knits and flannels, baby corduroy

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