Monday, December 5, 2016

bebé dos:: twenty-six weeks

How far along: 26 weeks!

Total weight gain: +18 from lowest preg weight, +10 from normal person weight.

Clothes: Broke out the striped black dress this week! Getting my hair done has also inspired me to dress more.
Sleep: Every night at 10.
Cravings: . Ice!!!!! Give me all the Rt 44 cups of ice!
Symptoms: Feeling cramped in my ribcage at night. Some Braxton Hicks, esp if I walk fast. Nose bleeds!!!!
Diabetes Management: Up on dosage.
Exercise: Hardly.
Mood: Excited, motivated.
Miss Anything: A home with an ice maker?
Nesting: MAJOR. Cleared office. Painted. More below!
Nursery: Bought crib, desk, rug. Walls are Sea Salt! Need lighting, outlet covers, desk chair, move glider, storage.

Best Moment this week: Whirlwind weekend! Dinner with Kiggans & Julianna, Nashville Xmas Parade, Jackson's birthday party, crafting with Stephen & Jenn, HoHo at You're Invited, nursery work.
Thankful for: Family, resources, Drew's NEW JOB (he starts today!), our home, my sweet toddler and the little life in me.
Looking forward to: Christmas season!! So much!

Doctor Visits:  Dec 27 - ultrasound and OB.
Baby Position:  Allllll over!
How is Lilly:  Hates shopping now -- grocery time is the worst. She's still obsessed with babies. Trying to break her of this new babywipe "security blanket" phase.

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