Monday, December 12, 2016

bebé dos:: twenty-seven weeks

How far along: 27 weeks
Total weight gain: +18 from lowest preg weight, +10 from normal person weight
Clothes: Mat leggings and Gap tops, my new Pearl&Monroe top, ivory cardigan, green sweater dress, gray Piko long-sleeve tunic, hunter boots. Loving monochromatic black outfits with my Hunter boots and ivory poncho wrap.
Sleep: Occasional naps, but I'm tired by 10pm daily.
Cravings: ICE!!!!! GIVE ME ALL the Rt 44 cups of ice! And cookie dough ice cream... Yikes. 
Symptoms: Nosebleeds, crunched ribs, out of breath, major blood sugar swings, UNCOMFORTABLE. How am I going to make it 12 more weeks?
Diabetes Management: Not managed well. Spiked up to 235 (two hours postprandial), then crashed down to 43 when I mis-corrected my high. All over the place. Going to really have to be careful with meals.
Exercise: Hardly. NEED to get better about this.
Mood: Impatient. Happy for the most part. Very sad over news of Dennis McNeal's passing.
Nesting: All the nesting. Cleaned finally Wednesday, before in laws came. Considering packing hospital bag soonish. It feels sooooo early but I'm itching to do it.
Nursery: Bought crib, desk, rug (and another one), outlet covers, desk chair. Moved in glider & ottoman. Need to return rug; too green. 
Walls are Sea Salt. Need lighting, rug pad, storage. 
Best Moment this week: Nursery progress, dinner with Dellingers at Coco's, Saturday Christmas festivities with Booboo and Drew.
Thankful for: All the things... NO CYSTIC FIBROSIS!!! Test came back negative after troubling ultrasound results (echogenic bowel). Almond meal cookies.
Looking forward to: All the remaining Christmas festivities -- traditions with Mom, parties, etc.

Doctor Visits:  Up next - Dec 27 - ultrasound and OB.
Baby Position:  Little gymnast!
How is Lilly:  Crazypants. My lovable lunatic!
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