Monday, December 26, 2016

bebé dos:: twenty-nine weeks

How far along: 29 weeks!

Total weight gain: +21 from lowest pregnancy weight. +16 from pre-preg, +13 from normal weight.
Clothes: Leggings, grey t shirts, Lilly crops, puffer vest, keds, trying to dress more colorfully.
Sleep: Fortunately Christmas weekend was restful -- loving long naps.
Cravings: Shaved ice. Meat.
Symptoms: Nosebleeds, crunched ribs, in mistakeable bump, some groin / ligament pain, Braxton Hicks, back pain, difficulty sleeping.
Diabetes Management: Up again on dosage - 2u with breakfast, 6u with lunch, 8u with dinner, 14u overnight.
Exercise: Minimal. Wanting to get a lot more active starting the new year!
Mood: Melancholy. Grateful, but not overly cheery.
Miss Anything: Wearing normal clothes and being thin.
Nesting: Still relatively full force.
Nursery: Thus far - painted, rug in place, crib assembled, frames bought, lamp and nightlight ordered and delivered, new desk & chair set up for my workspace, curtains rehung, glider & ottoman in place, closet knobs installed. Need mattress, bedding, cornice & canopy, prints/artwork.
Best Moment this week: Christmas at home then with family in Savannah (decided upon last minute). Short trip but a good one.
Thankful for: Family, faith, health, pregnancy, great traveling toddler, sweet Drew and the way he pampers me.
Looking forward to: Christmas with the Dellingers tonight, getting my NYE wedding over with.

Doctor Visits:  Tomorrow's ultrasound and OB visit!
Baby Position:  Who knows?
How is Lilly:  Still watching Frosty 24/7. So happy / excited by Christmas. Loved seeing Aunt B and chasing her cousins!
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