Monday, December 19, 2016

bebe dos:: twenty-eight weeks

How far along: 28 weeks. LEGIT third trimester, y'all!

Total weight gain: No idea, haven't gotten on a scale.
Clothes: Black leggings, "whatever is lovely" sweatshirt, black Gap tee & Hunters (all about that monochrome), wore my bridesmaid dress from Kat's wedding to the NWPG dinner (BUMPALICIOUS), black maxi dress, bodycon dress with black crop top garnered a TON of compliments Saturday!
Sleep: Give me all the sleep. I nap when Lilly naps too.
Cravings: ICE!!!!! GIVE ME ALL the Rt 44 cups of ice! 
Symptoms: Nosebleeds, crunched ribs, moodiness, emotional (this week struck bad again), unmistakeable bump, some groin / ligament pain.
Diabetes Management: Up on meds. If I stick to eating salad, eggs, meat, no remotely simple carbs whatsoever AND take my meds, I'm okay.
Exercise: Starting to do more barre3 vids at home. Need to get to the studio (either here or Blooma) to incorporate Lilly to childcare before she starts MDO.
Mood: SAD. It's been a sad week. But trying to be optimistic since it's Christmas week finally!
Miss Anything: Wine/champagne. Not being this tired. Having actual workout studio memberships.
Nesting: I dream about packing my hospital bag.
Nursery: So far we have purchased:  crib, new desk, desk chair, two rugs (one needs to be returned still), outlet covers, lamp, nightlight. We moved in the glider & ottoman from Lilly's room. 
Walls are painted a beautiful Sea Salt. I sewed Julianna Cate's hair bow holder and monogrammed it for her. Still need maybe a rug pad, to order tulle and make and mount a cornice (a la PB Kids), crib bedding and bedskirt, to decide on an actual theme for this room, hide the unsightly cords on my desk, figure out better storage, and get some artwork for the walls. So far we've hung the Charleston canvas my sister painted me and a small photo from my friend Amy of Charleston. Considering these prints (but that would require me to go full-force with an oceany vibe in here). Potential themes I've been thinking of:  ballet, ocean, Charleston (like Lilly's), ultra-neutral... hmmm. Bought 4 picture frames and a shadow box to hang on the walls eventually.
Best Moment this week: This week was a HARD one. Two funerals, some scary family stuff going on, destruction in Syria, overall climate of fear and despair. I did enjoy getting my nails done in peace on Wednesday (pink glitter again, obvs), a bizarre but enjoyable NWPG December Dinner with my gal pals, and moments with Drew spent in this beautiful office/nursery. Highlight was probably date afternoon Saturday -- went to Table 3 and watched Lala Land - first movie I've seen since before Lilly arrived!
Thankful for: My good, good man of a husband. (He's seriously the best and I love him dearly.) My sweet crazy pants baby. A healthy Julianna Cate. Good friends. Close, supportive family. A happy marriage. Health and longevity. The savior of the world, the reason for this season, the only source of hope in all this brokenness.
Looking forward to: Christmas weekend coming up! We may or may not be making a totally last-minute trip to Savannah for the holiday... things are a little odd on all our familial fronts so travel and holiday plans are really up in the air right now.

Doctor Visits:  Up next - Dec 27 - ultrasound and OB.
Baby Position:  ALL OVER, and sometimes painfully so. She's a martial artist and uses my sides as punching bags from time to time. That girl can't keep still... much like her sister and Daddy. (Oh boy!)
How is Lilly:  Obsessed this week with Frosty the Snowman. I can't tell you how many times we've played it on YouTube (while I split my desktop screen between it and other work or reading material). She sways / lip syncs to the music, says "Choo choo!" when they go to the train station, and is overall just adorable. Even if we don't fit so comfortably (all three) on my desk chair.
Julianna Cate's Bumpdates

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