Thursday, December 29, 2016

'fess sesh:: holidaze edition

It's Thursday, and while The Newly isn't hosting her confessionals series anymore, here are my confessions:

- The farther I get along with this pregnancy, the SERIOUSLY harder it is to keep from peeing on myself on a DAILY BASIS. (WHAT IS THIS LIFE?!) Laughing, sneezing, I am never safe.

- It has not remotely settled in that I will be giving birth to another baby in less than 9 weeks. WHAT?! FEBRUARY? AS IN not next month but the next???

- I seriously considered 1. sending out last year's Christmas cards that I addressed but never mailed off, and 2. designing, printing, and sending out birth announcements for my now TWENTY-MONTH-OLD baby because I never sent those. Verdict seems to be that I won't send anything, but I at least have plans to make dedication announcements for Lilly once that day comes. Because being born again is more important than original birth anyways, right? ;)

- I have a to-do list a mile long. I need to write it here...

Confirm details and timing with NYE wedding vendors
Submit application and fee to Lilly's preschool
Get Dani's Christmas gift
Accept Amy's album proof
Opt for new insurance elections
Do paperwork for COBRA
Get tax information ready for Valerie before the baby comes
Plan floral meetings for Rice wedding
Confirm details for Jan 2 meeting
Submit blood sugar levels to Tiffanie
Wrap remaining presents
Get assistants gifts and mail them out
Figure out a good schedule for 2017 - workouts, healthy meals, utilizing my time well
Talk to new caterer about Wright wedding?
Send floral recs for Wright wedding?
Schedule one-on-one meeting with MCTE & BBJ for Wright wedding
Register for childbirth

- I procrastinated sending out Lilly's preschool application so now I'm not sure she'll be accepted for January. Whoops. This is going to be a major problem for Jan. 6 if I can't get something arranged...

Monday, December 26, 2016

bebé dos:: twenty-nine weeks

How far along: 29 weeks!

Total weight gain: +21 from lowest pregnancy weight. +16 from pre-preg, +13 from normal weight.
Clothes: Leggings, grey t shirts, Lilly crops, puffer vest, keds, trying to dress more colorfully.
Sleep: Fortunately Christmas weekend was restful -- loving long naps.
Cravings: Shaved ice. Meat.
Symptoms: Nosebleeds, crunched ribs, in mistakeable bump, some groin / ligament pain, Braxton Hicks, back pain, difficulty sleeping.
Diabetes Management: Up again on dosage - 2u with breakfast, 6u with lunch, 8u with dinner, 14u overnight.
Exercise: Minimal. Wanting to get a lot more active starting the new year!
Mood: Melancholy. Grateful, but not overly cheery.
Miss Anything: Wearing normal clothes and being thin.
Nesting: Still relatively full force.
Nursery: Thus far - painted, rug in place, crib assembled, frames bought, lamp and nightlight ordered and delivered, new desk & chair set up for my workspace, curtains rehung, glider & ottoman in place, closet knobs installed. Need mattress, bedding, cornice & canopy, prints/artwork.
Best Moment this week: Christmas at home then with family in Savannah (decided upon last minute). Short trip but a good one.
Thankful for: Family, faith, health, pregnancy, great traveling toddler, sweet Drew and the way he pampers me.
Looking forward to: Christmas with the Dellingers tonight, getting my NYE wedding over with.

Doctor Visits:  Tomorrow's ultrasound and OB visit!
Baby Position:  Who knows?
How is Lilly:  Still watching Frosty 24/7. So happy / excited by Christmas. Loved seeing Aunt B and chasing her cousins!
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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

my christmas wishlist

Sometimes you need a lighthearted subject when life just keeps hitting you hard. Here's my Christmas wishlist, although I would absolutely and wholeheartedly "settle" for one thing -- peace on earth. Twenty-seven years into living, I "get it."

The more frivolous things:

A SHAVED ICE MAKER. I crave Sonic ice 24/7 like NOBODY'S business. It's definitely a pregnancy craving -- got it this stage of pregnancy with Lilly too -- last time I was not remotely anemic, but it's possible it's a side effect of the diabetes (exhibiting itself with intense thirst a la ice craving). Could just be a "normal" craving, too. While the residential grade Sonic ice makers retail at like $3k, I would totally be happy with this $30 ice shaver. I don't mind if I have to put it in the garage to keep from waking up the littles, GIVE ME ALL THE ICE IN THE WORLD. (No flavoring, obviously. BUT ALL THE ICE IN THE WORLD!)

Prenatal Massage gift card. I didn't get a single prenatal massage during my pregnancy with Lilly, and it's quite a shame. You get SO UNCOMFORTABLE in these final weeks (we're talking like 10 - 12 weeks, y'all), nothing sounds nicer than someone rubbing all over my body (and specifically my feet).

A good pair of no-show socks. I tried several different kinds from Target last year and they sucked -- fell off my feet within a few steps of walking. Even with the silicone band at the heel! Meet at the Barre's Amanda recommended these and I take her advice very seriously. They're not cheap-cheap, but worth it if it'll keep my Keds from getting ruined again. (Just washed mine in the washing machine yesterday!)

Grace Not Perfection book. I love Emily Ley and can't wait to read her book!

Hard Drive for storing pictures from a Mac. Once again, another Amanda recommendation.

Lilly Pulitzer Luxletic Weekender Legging, size small in "Wade and Sea." I have lived in my Luxletic crops this past year and reeeeeally want the long ones for when I'm postpartum again and can wear normal-people leggings! Love love love this color and print! (Also love these!)

Lilly Pulitzer Palm Beach Silk Robe, size x-small/small in "Wade and Sea." This is a total splurge / luxury item, but I think it'd be lovely in newborn photos and so luxurious to wear when I'm covered in milk and in total survival mode. (So maybe it's not that practical of a gift...)

A beach vacay to look forward to! We actually may be going to Savannah for Christmas after all (AHHH!) so I could get this, even though it won't be remotely a babymoon.

It's insane to think how fast this holiday season has already gone! I feel way behind -- on work, finishing shopping, getting errands done, doing anything remotely productive. I'm in Christmas survival mode which is its own thing entirely! 

Monday, December 19, 2016

bebe dos:: twenty-eight weeks

How far along: 28 weeks. LEGIT third trimester, y'all!

Total weight gain: No idea, haven't gotten on a scale.
Clothes: Black leggings, "whatever is lovely" sweatshirt, black Gap tee & Hunters (all about that monochrome), wore my bridesmaid dress from Kat's wedding to the NWPG dinner (BUMPALICIOUS), black maxi dress, bodycon dress with black crop top garnered a TON of compliments Saturday!
Sleep: Give me all the sleep. I nap when Lilly naps too.
Cravings: ICE!!!!! GIVE ME ALL the Rt 44 cups of ice! 
Symptoms: Nosebleeds, crunched ribs, moodiness, emotional (this week struck bad again), unmistakeable bump, some groin / ligament pain.
Diabetes Management: Up on meds. If I stick to eating salad, eggs, meat, no remotely simple carbs whatsoever AND take my meds, I'm okay.
Exercise: Starting to do more barre3 vids at home. Need to get to the studio (either here or Blooma) to incorporate Lilly to childcare before she starts MDO.
Mood: SAD. It's been a sad week. But trying to be optimistic since it's Christmas week finally!
Miss Anything: Wine/champagne. Not being this tired. Having actual workout studio memberships.
Nesting: I dream about packing my hospital bag.
Nursery: So far we have purchased:  crib, new desk, desk chair, two rugs (one needs to be returned still), outlet covers, lamp, nightlight. We moved in the glider & ottoman from Lilly's room. 
Walls are painted a beautiful Sea Salt. I sewed Julianna Cate's hair bow holder and monogrammed it for her. Still need maybe a rug pad, to order tulle and make and mount a cornice (a la PB Kids), crib bedding and bedskirt, to decide on an actual theme for this room, hide the unsightly cords on my desk, figure out better storage, and get some artwork for the walls. So far we've hung the Charleston canvas my sister painted me and a small photo from my friend Amy of Charleston. Considering these prints (but that would require me to go full-force with an oceany vibe in here). Potential themes I've been thinking of:  ballet, ocean, Charleston (like Lilly's), ultra-neutral... hmmm. Bought 4 picture frames and a shadow box to hang on the walls eventually.
Best Moment this week: This week was a HARD one. Two funerals, some scary family stuff going on, destruction in Syria, overall climate of fear and despair. I did enjoy getting my nails done in peace on Wednesday (pink glitter again, obvs), a bizarre but enjoyable NWPG December Dinner with my gal pals, and moments with Drew spent in this beautiful office/nursery. Highlight was probably date afternoon Saturday -- went to Table 3 and watched Lala Land - first movie I've seen since before Lilly arrived!
Thankful for: My good, good man of a husband. (He's seriously the best and I love him dearly.) My sweet crazy pants baby. A healthy Julianna Cate. Good friends. Close, supportive family. A happy marriage. Health and longevity. The savior of the world, the reason for this season, the only source of hope in all this brokenness.
Looking forward to: Christmas weekend coming up! We may or may not be making a totally last-minute trip to Savannah for the holiday... things are a little odd on all our familial fronts so travel and holiday plans are really up in the air right now.

Doctor Visits:  Up next - Dec 27 - ultrasound and OB.
Baby Position:  ALL OVER, and sometimes painfully so. She's a martial artist and uses my sides as punching bags from time to time. That girl can't keep still... much like her sister and Daddy. (Oh boy!)
How is Lilly:  Obsessed this week with Frosty the Snowman. I can't tell you how many times we've played it on YouTube (while I split my desktop screen between it and other work or reading material). She sways / lip syncs to the music, says "Choo choo!" when they go to the train station, and is overall just adorable. Even if we don't fit so comfortably (all three) on my desk chair.
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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

envisioning my life:: resolve planning

Here we are, a couple weeks into December. I literally just changed our calendar over to December TODAY, but somehow I've been preparing for this month since November 1 rolled around. (Seriously, where did November go though??) The holidays are always a blur -- travel, parties, family get-togethers, social gatherings of all calibers, work dinners, kid events, church functions, you name it. I wanted to make the most of our holiday season while not getting completely swept away so that we miss it. I can't "check out" of weddings, either, since I have my last wedding of the season/year on New Year's Eve!

A combination of impeccable timing has led us to a good place right now. Drew is a couple of weeks into his new job with the state (which means better hours, no weekends or busy tax season, better pay and benefits, and overall more time at home!). I am wrapping up my last wedding before the new baby arrives while also making major headway with my full planning clients for next year (and they're allllllll full planning for the most part!). Lilly begins Mother's Day Out one day a week in January. I'm rapidly approaching my third trimester (like, next week!) so we're in full-force nesting mode at home... nursery is painted, new furniture bought, home office refreshed, organization systems enacted. It's a perfect storm of getting stuff done in a season that's usually all-encompassing and emotionally overwhelming on its own.

All this said, I'm giving a lot of thought as to how I'm ending this calendar year and how next year will go. 2015 seemed really hard for a lot of people, and truly I was in survival mode for almost all of it. I finally resurfaced above the water in February of this year, and then 2016 as a whole was brutal for different reasons. Good, but hard. 

Things I want to see happen in the new year:  Better health. More routine, stability, groundedness. (I pushed back so much on routine in my early to mid twenties! Crazy how I've seen it become more and more important as I get older.) More preparation and front-end work to not flounder when push comes to shove. (I would like to NOT be in strictly "survival mode" for the first 10 months of Anna Cate's life.) Roots and community. Wisdom, maturity, discipline. Intentional self-care. Tending to my marriage, on top of focusing on mothering.

I want to do barre as an everyday, routine thing. I want to wear real clothes, do my hair and keep up highlights / routine cuts, shower consistently, and have somewhat of a routine life. Consistency isn't the devil -- esp when my babies need sleep, I need sleep, and I have so much to juggle. It's occurring to me that life can be spent any plethora of ways; we get to choose our path. Do you want to be healthy and feel good and confident in your skin? Act accordingly. Do you want to be frazzled and rushed and a hot mess? Keep procrastinating and living by the seat of your pants.

How do I envision 2017?

Structure to my weeks
Physical activity is a priority I make time for
Successfully "adulting" in certain areas:  maintenance of home and appearance, taking responsibility, intentionally planning and acting accordingly, making hard but wiser choices
Keeping sane with self-care practices and tending to my marriage
Spending one-on-one time with both my daughters
Embracing the new normals that come with having a second child
Working smarter, more efficiently, and more proactively for clients
Taking care of my body as I nourish a new child
Really, truly listening
Investing in community and rich relationships

Specific goals I'd like to set (in no particular order!):

Throw Lilly a precious ballet-themed "She's two-two!" second birthday party
Plan to attend an industry conference
Complete at least 100 barre classes in some capacity (online, in studio, whatever!)
Adopt a dog
Breastfeed all 2017 (ideally until AnnaCate self-weans, no end date in mind)
Safely deliver AnnaCate
Send out paper birth announcements
Manage my diabetes with aplomb and grace in the final trimester of pregnancy
Book newborn / first year photography for AnnaCate
Plan an international vacation for Drew and me for 2018

Little things that bring me joy, to incorporate in daily life:
lilly giggles and happy dances
lighting delightful-smelling candles
fresh coffee in the morning (schedule timer?)
date nights
in-studio workouts
beautiful clothing
wearing makeup
getting highlights on a consistent basis
getting manicures or pedicures
delicious meals with peppers, avocados, garlic, lots of texture and color!
the beach, the ocean
golden doodles or poodles
snuggling my cats
snuggling my daughters
snuggling Drew
playing social games
throwing parties
drinking wine
going barefoot
wearing attractive athleisure attire
being outside
going for walks
meeting with clients
putting together wedding design aspects
learning new things
natural linen, vintage wood washes, neutral tones, coastal style
live plants and fresh flowers
preppy or ultrasoft baby clothing
monogramming things
giving beautiful gifts
praying over people
writing handwritten letters and notes
pretty colors: ivory, taupe, champagne, blush, evergreen, cranberry, bright red, raspberry, coral, turquoise, orchid
writing / blogging
being a resource for others
 encouraging others
seersucker, velvet, velveteen, satin, cashmere, the softest knits and flannels, baby corduroy

Monday, December 12, 2016

bebé dos:: twenty-seven weeks

How far along: 27 weeks
Total weight gain: +18 from lowest preg weight, +10 from normal person weight
Clothes: Mat leggings and Gap tops, my new Pearl&Monroe top, ivory cardigan, green sweater dress, gray Piko long-sleeve tunic, hunter boots. Loving monochromatic black outfits with my Hunter boots and ivory poncho wrap.
Sleep: Occasional naps, but I'm tired by 10pm daily.
Cravings: ICE!!!!! GIVE ME ALL the Rt 44 cups of ice! And cookie dough ice cream... Yikes. 
Symptoms: Nosebleeds, crunched ribs, out of breath, major blood sugar swings, UNCOMFORTABLE. How am I going to make it 12 more weeks?
Diabetes Management: Not managed well. Spiked up to 235 (two hours postprandial), then crashed down to 43 when I mis-corrected my high. All over the place. Going to really have to be careful with meals.
Exercise: Hardly. NEED to get better about this.
Mood: Impatient. Happy for the most part. Very sad over news of Dennis McNeal's passing.
Nesting: All the nesting. Cleaned finally Wednesday, before in laws came. Considering packing hospital bag soonish. It feels sooooo early but I'm itching to do it.
Nursery: Bought crib, desk, rug (and another one), outlet covers, desk chair. Moved in glider & ottoman. Need to return rug; too green. 
Walls are Sea Salt. Need lighting, rug pad, storage. 
Best Moment this week: Nursery progress, dinner with Dellingers at Coco's, Saturday Christmas festivities with Booboo and Drew.
Thankful for: All the things... NO CYSTIC FIBROSIS!!! Test came back negative after troubling ultrasound results (echogenic bowel). Almond meal cookies.
Looking forward to: All the remaining Christmas festivities -- traditions with Mom, parties, etc.

Doctor Visits:  Up next - Dec 27 - ultrasound and OB.
Baby Position:  Little gymnast!
How is Lilly:  Crazypants. My lovable lunatic!
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Monday, December 5, 2016

bebé dos:: twenty-six weeks

How far along: 26 weeks!

Total weight gain: +18 from lowest preg weight, +10 from normal person weight.

Clothes: Broke out the striped black dress this week! Getting my hair done has also inspired me to dress more.
Sleep: Every night at 10.
Cravings: . Ice!!!!! Give me all the Rt 44 cups of ice!
Symptoms: Feeling cramped in my ribcage at night. Some Braxton Hicks, esp if I walk fast. Nose bleeds!!!!
Diabetes Management: Up on dosage.
Exercise: Hardly.
Mood: Excited, motivated.
Miss Anything: A home with an ice maker?
Nesting: MAJOR. Cleared office. Painted. More below!
Nursery: Bought crib, desk, rug. Walls are Sea Salt! Need lighting, outlet covers, desk chair, move glider, storage.

Best Moment this week: Whirlwind weekend! Dinner with Kiggans & Julianna, Nashville Xmas Parade, Jackson's birthday party, crafting with Stephen & Jenn, HoHo at You're Invited, nursery work.
Thankful for: Family, resources, Drew's NEW JOB (he starts today!), our home, my sweet toddler and the little life in me.
Looking forward to: Christmas season!! So much!

Doctor Visits:  Dec 27 - ultrasound and OB.
Baby Position:  Allllll over!
How is Lilly:  Hates shopping now -- grocery time is the worst. She's still obsessed with babies. Trying to break her of this new babywipe "security blanket" phase.