Thursday, November 3, 2016

halloween recap

This year was definitely the most fun Halloween I've ever had -- spending it with family, friends, and getting to enjoy Lilly Beth as the most precious little baby cake ever was incomparable!

We started Halloweekend at the Dellingers' house for a family fun day -- Cassie (Drew's stepmom) had decorated everything super fancy / spooky and made a huge spread of food for all the family to enjoy. They also had photo booth props so we made the most of our silliness in the HOT HOT weather. (90 degrees?!?! At the end of October?!!?)

Saturday night we spent with a group of neighbor-friends at the Kramer-Youngs' Hallwoeen costume party. I dressed up as a french press, Drew was Hodor, and Lilly was Boo from Monsters Inc. (Hello easy pajama costume!)

Sunday we played pretty low-key - Drew grilled caprese burgers, I took a lot of naps, and we geared up for a fun Halloween Monday.

I spent the majority of Monday afternoon making my oven costume (procrastinate much?) -- this is the creation of a toilet paper box, black shiny duct tape, cellophane, applesauce pouch caps, paper plates, and some printed range tops. Turned out pretty legit, eh?? Lilly once again served as most courteous baby ever and took a late afternoon 5:30pm nap so she could rally for trick-or-treating.

We had the perfect pregnant family costume -- oven, cake, and baker!

We did dinner at the Kramer-Youngs' and then hit up the neighborhood for Lilly's first trick-or-treating experience!!!!!!! She loved passing out candy a little more than getting it, but really enjoyed herself. And miraculously kept that cake hat on THE WHOLE NIGHT!!!!!!

Drew & Lilly melted my heart with her holding his hand. And then I died when I joined them and she demanded we both hold her hands for the rest of our trek. 

Sweetest night ever!!!!! I know things will get more difficult later on when she's exposed to more candy (and her peanut allergy will make things more complicated), but this year she was super content to enjoy a little Airhead and see all the neighbors' dogs through the glass doors!!!!

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