Monday, November 7, 2016

bebe dos:: twenty-two weeks

How far along: We're feeling 22!
Total weight gain: +12 from pre-pregnancy
Clothes: I have a pants problem. Literally the only thing that's comfortable is leggings -- and mostly just black leggings. I need to sell my stupid maternity jeans so I can recoup some of that money back -- they sucked so bad. What a disappointment! I don't know what to do about getting any more pants that I'll actually like -- I've tried on everything at Target and they all suck. I don't want to spend a billion dollars but I need SOME variety!!!! So this leaves me wearing:  black leggings err-day, sweatshirts, maternity shirts, a black maxi dress (love!), body-conscious dresses, my navy Lilly elephant tunic (& white maternity shorts since it's still 90 degrees), Piko tops, and my Elsa tops (which I can hide the bump in, at this point!).
Sleep: I'm tired often, and getting really fatigued doing everyday stuff now. Part of me is like, what the heck? I'm just walking around Target! But I also underestimate how far along I am and assume I'm still good to do everything like a normal person. I'm mid-second trimester and the glory days of somewhat energy and not being uncomfortable are going to come to a fast close, I'm afraid.
Cravings: Cottage cheese. Halo Top ice cream. Mexican salads. Meat. Averse to jack cheese, omelettes, cauliflower that tastes like cauliflower.
Symptoms: Constantly needing to pee. Bump. Baby kicking me often. Fatigue.
Diabetes Management: IT'S ACTUALLY BEEN EXCELLENT! I had my A1C rechecked last Wednesday, and it was 4.8!!!!!!!!!! That's phenomenal, for you non-diabetics -- it was my level before I got diabetes! (Back in the good ole days where I could eat moose tracks ice cream with actual carbs and it was no big thang.)
Exercise: Not much, sadly. Walks.
Mood: Pretty good. Still irritable but not as bad as normal, maybe. It's been nice to get out, hear good news, SEE Anna Cate (and her be perfectly, beautifully normal!!!!!!!!!!), and the weather is ever-so-slightly cooling off.
Miss Anything: Wine (I want it pretty much daily). Being able to wear flattering pants.
Nesting: I started looking at / thinking about my hospital packing list last night. That's progress, right?! Seeing Julianna Cate made me think of her as more real and REALLY look forward to meeting her in a few months!
Nursery: I've ever so slightly THOUGHT about her room and what we might need to do in there, but no actual progress has been done. I'm closer to ordering Lilly a pair of sheets, though!
Best Moment this week: Seeing that perfect little baby in a perfectly normal healthy ultrasound!!!!! And getting my A1C results back!!!!!!! Callie's party was fun, too, as was the Style Me Pretty luncheon I got to attend on Friday afternoon.
Thankful for: A husband that cooks delicious healthy meals for me and cleans my house and is overall top-notch. My sweet healthy toddler, and a sweet healthy baby sister that I know she'll adore playing with. Easily accessible childcare nearby (and free!). Potential clients and a working business.
Looking forward to: Election Day coming and going (I have a bit of anxiety about it -- I don't feel like we're really winning either way). In all honesty, I'm ready for a female president... I think it's time for our country, I think Hillary is experientially capable of doing a good job, I would love to have that monumental moment on the cusp of the birth of my second daughter... but I also don't have assurance that she'll select qualified, fair, moral supreme court justices or conduct her affairs with utmost integrity. I don't find her appalling, but I'm uneasy. And I also don't think she's a shoe-in for the position; America is totally split right now and the election could truly go either direction. So I early voted, exercised my political efficacy, and am praying for God to lead us the right way whatever that means. His will be done, not mine. May He give us what we need and not just what we want. May He direct us to do His will as individuals and as a country -- take care of the poor, exercise fair judgement and implement fair laws, assist mothers and encourage Christian family values. May we see beyond party lines and our own short-sightedness and selfish ambitions and love one another as we love ourselves. JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL! On a brighter, lighter-hearted note, I am looking most forward this week to Christmas Village shopping with Mom on Friday!!!!! YAY traditions! Hope I can rally through (Lilly too!) and have energy and stamina to bear the crowds and find some gems for loved ones!

Doctor Visits:  My next will be December 2!
Baby Position:  I have no idea!
How is Lilly:  Precious. Her little cheese smile is the best thing ever. She entertains us daily!

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