Thursday, November 24, 2016

bebé dos:: twenty-four weeks

I'm quite a few days late to the game (thanks to Thanksgiving travel and washing my phone in the washing machine/dropping my phone in a toilet), but we're six months along!

How far along: 24 weeks!
Total weight gain: I don't track it weekly, but thus far it's been +12 from pre-pregnancy.

Clothes: Gap maternity tops, leggings, Simply Southern tees, gold loafers, green sateen pants.
Sleep: 10pm - 7am most days.
Cravings: Lemon cookies. Shrimp and grits. 
Symptoms: Needing to pee. Some small back pain.
Diabetes Management: Rough. High levels, lots of insulin.
Exercise: Walks around Charleston Tuesday, that's about it.
Mood: Good!
Miss Anything: Wine (I want it pretty much daily). Being able to wear flattering pants.
Nesting: Some home projects under ways.
Nursery: Thinking about the color to paint.
Best Moment this week: Heading to Savannah?
Thankful for: Family, Charleston, new clients, money to afford a new phone.
Looking forward to: Christmas season starting up!!

Doctor Visits:  My next will be December 2!
Baby Position:  I have no idea!
How is Lilly:   Miraculously sleeping in this morning!

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