Monday, November 28, 2016

bebe dos:: twenty-five weeks

How far along: Is it just me, or does it seem REALLY FAR ALONG that I'm suddenly 25 weeks?! Time is flying!!!

Total weight gain: I have no idea.

Clothes: This weekend - gray large men's sweatpants and a grey long-sleeve maternity shirt. I'm ultra classy! Haha.
Sleep: I prefer around 9 hours a night. Caught up on my messed-up travel sleep Saturday night - Sunday morning.
Cravings: Gumbo. Ice. Shopping.
Symptoms: Incontinence while sneezing. Bump. Discomfort. Heartburn.
Diabetes Management: Desperately need to send over my levels because they're jank.
Exercise: A couple of walks and moving boxes down from my office to the garage. Because #nesting.
Mood: Crabby, impatient, but also happy and excited.
Miss Anything: My waistline.
Nesting: Actual progress here!!!!!! We bought a couple of new shelving units for the garage, and have been moving storage boxes from upstairs down, so we have an actual nursery. Many plans underway for my combination nursery-office!
Nursery: We BOUGHT A CRIB! Decided on our way to Atlanta Friday night that we would opt to just buy a crib rather than a full nursery set or go ahead and get a bunk bed/twin bed/guest bedroom suite... So we bought a gorgeous crib called the Julienne (SO APTLY NAMED, RIGHT?!) yesterday, to be delivered sometime probably next week. We've been moving storage / boxes / junk out of my office to clear it out, and plan to paint it Sea Salt by the weekend or so. It'll be my combination office AND nursery, so I'm going to get a new desk and some closing/locking storage for my wedding/embroidery things, and I think it'll work out nicely! We shall see!

Best Moment this week: Probably not actual Thanksgiving, since Dani was violently ill and I had to take her to the ER (boo!) -- definitely put a damper on our traditions and we didn't get to eat everything as usual, but it was still so nice to be around family. Who knows what Thanksgiving will look like next year?! (Will we be able to travel, or want to for that matter? What will life be like with two babies? Will Dani still be at her same house?)
Thankful for: Family, resources, Drew's NEW JOB (he starts today!), our home, my sweet toddler and the little life in me.
Looking forward to: Christmas season!! So much!

Doctor Visits:  My next will be Friday!
Baby Position:  I have no idea!
How is Lilly:  Sweet. A handful. LOVES Christmas lights! 

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