Tuesday, November 29, 2016

bebe dos:: nursery inspiration

We're twenty-five weeks in, and actual plans are underway for Anna Cate's nursery! Ever since Drew switched jobs (WOOHOO!), we've had more time to think and plan and more resources to pool from. Originally we were really torn about how we would do the kids' rooms -- shared nursery + guest bedroom/office? Nursery/office + big girl room? Big girl room/office + nursery? Put Anna Cate in Lilly's furniture, and get Lilly a toddler bed? Or twin bed? Or full bed? Get a whole 'nother nursery set? So many configurations, so so many decisions to make!!

Finally we fleshed through our thoughts on the way to Atlanta from Savannah last Friday evening. We love Lilly's entire nursery suite, and have always planned to keep it forever and convert it all the way to a full size bed; either she can stay in it until she goes off to college, or we can get the girls some sort of bunk / twin beds in a shared room and use the nursery furniture for our guest room. It seemed wasteful to get an entirely new nursery set, especially since I hate having to resell anything (let alone furniture!)

We came to the conclusion that the best usage of our time and space and money would probably be to invest in one more crib (which we could resell when JC outgrows it) and have Anna Cate's nursery be my combination office (and also kind of a playroom for the girls, to keep them entertained while I work!).

I still don't know exactly what all we're going to put in here -- right now the plan is to definitely get the crib (ordered!) and a bigger, longer (more functional) "desk" -- I'm thinking more of a dining room table style than a traditional desk. It will need to fit the iMac and my embroidery machine, as well as give me space to write, sketch, and hoop designs. Planning to use my current "desk chair" (a Louis upholstered chair from my 445 office days) and maybe center everything along the window wall, pushed more into the room.

I'd love to get a soft rug, but I don't know what size or shape (or if I should keep with the neutrals color-wise or bring in color there). The walls will be painted Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams. 

Right now it seems the crib is scheduled to arrive by TOMORROW. (Insert surprised face!)

We definitely don't have the room ready to paint quite yet, but we did clear it out except for my desk for the time being. MAJOR progress done!

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