Monday, October 24, 2016

the baby is eighteen months!!

My little spunky precious firstborn is a year and a half now! (Technically yesterday.) She keeps me on my toes now more than ever -- over the last six months, we found out she has peanut and egg white allergies, she learned how to walk (14 months), we found out she'll be a big sister just before she turns 2, we went to the beach three more times (at 14, 15, and 16 months), she mastered how to scale a flight of stairs (and we quickly added three baby gates to the downstairs), she developed a serious love for drumming (like father like daughter), and she got to go to her first few beautiful weddings. We retired the bouncy seat (finally!), put away the doorway jumper, stopped using the baby monitor (she's plenty loud enough to wake us when she's up), got a new carseat, shifted the crib mattress down low, upgraded to a Large sleep sack at night, and became religious about having her pacifier clip on hand 24/7 and keeping the sound machine on all night. She (and I!) begrudgingly gave up our beloved nursing habit by the time she reached 17 months (and I reached 15 weeks pregnant) :(. We exclusively use the "big stroller" after a seatbelt clip broke on our umbrella stroller and switch up diaper bags depending on my mood, the season, and what we're wearing. We rotate between two basic Munchkin brand sippy cups (which are mainly filled with whole milk) but she can also drink from a water bottle, open cup, and DEMANDS to have some of our La Croix (through a straw) whenever she spots it. Her sleep schedule is absolutely religious and there are dire repercussions if it's missed or delayed -- one 2hr nap (around 10:30 - 12:30) and bedtime at 7:30pm, wakes at 7:30am. She gets hasty with the original bedtime routine, so we cut out two songs (so now it's pjs, brush teeth, sleep sack, story, sound machine, twinkle twinkle, and she's out). She's surprised us by being able to sleep in other's people's homes as long as the room is dark and she has her necessary items (something to play ocean sounds, blankie to snuggle, binky in) -- so we've actually gotten to hang out with people post-7:30pm on rare occasions! We're trying to wean off the binky during the day to encourage talking, but it's a process. She wears size 4 diapers, 12-18 month clothes (some 18-24 but it's big), & size 4 shoes (5 in boots). LOVES shoes and shows whatever she's wearing off to anyone she encounters. She's very friendly and outgoing and generally loves social outings, but gets crankier if she's bored / tired / cold / hot / made to sit too still. She prefers to eat while running back and forth from the table. She's BUSY. Loves splashing in the cats' water bowl and has eaten her fair share of cat food. Loves to feed dogs by hand (and offers her sippy cup to the cats on occasion). Loves bubbles, likes baths, is starting to get fussy about being contained in the stroller / shopping carts, runs everywhere, and thinks it's HILARIOUS to stand up on the couch and run across it -- resulting in a huge bump/bruise on her forehead yesterday. Sigh. Has no idea she's getting a little sister but loves babies and says "AWWW!" whenever she sees one (even if it's a picture on a diaper box). Enjoys playing with other kids but snatches their sippy cups of chocolate milk when I'm not watching. Loves music. Loves playing outside. Thankfully no major separation anxiety when grandparents / our siblings / etc watch her. Sings in her stroller. Sometimes scared of noises - the animal sounds book or the firetruck with siren at Grandma's house. No fear whatsoever around animals, which has gotten her nipped and scratched before by her rough "petting" (and pulling tails / sneaking up behind and squealing at them). Loves to eat carbs at Grandma's house (our house is a little lacking) -- favorite foods are Grandaddy's rolls, Grandma's lasagna and cookies (obvs), chocolate chips, avocado, cheese, cottage cheese, frozen raspberries, ice cream, gumbo, any kind of beans, squeeze pouches, strawberries, pulled pork / carnitas, spicy salsa (straight), sour cream & onion potato chips (at Grandma's house), baby oats, plain greek yogurt, some puffs, mango applesauce, noodles. Seems to be getting over her egg allergy -- has eaten a couple bites of omelette or scrambled eggs recently. Very snuggly and gives hugs freely. Doesn't do her big open-mouthed kisses as much anymore (tear!) but they were the sweetest thing, and she still will dispense kisses on occasion. Stays with Grandma usually once a week while I have meetings or appointments. We also go over there to stay oftentimes when Drew works out of town. Loves playing at parks and in playgrounds -- loves slides, enjoys swinging, loves running around freely. Loves jewelry -- even on strangers. Seems to maybe be a little more left-handed, so we'll see (could take after her Granddan). Frequently says uh-oh, hi, Mama, Dada, kitty cat, dog, ho ho ho, yeah. Also yodels and just started saying a sweet twangy "Ma'am-ma'am-ma'am-ma'am-ma'am-ma'am." Has said other words and babbles constantly but doesn't say anything on demand. (Sigh.) Can point out her nose, mouth, ears, eyes, bellybutton, toes. Can distinguish between red vs pink vs blue vs green balls. Follows commands (hand me that hairbow, etc).  LOVES to push buttons, especially when they do things like beep. Loves to brush her teeth!!!!!

Favorite book is "If I Were a Poodle." Favorite toy is her drumset (which is constantly playing in our house - I just learned how to turn down the volume yesterday!). Favorite food is Grandaddy's rolls.

I have no idea how I can possibly manage TWO little ones, or how Drew and I could have a child that's different than LB, but we're excited. Love love love my little only (for now) child who has sweetened our lives immeasurably.

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