Friday, October 7, 2016

five on friday

It's that time! Linking up with ChristinaApril, and Natasha:

ONE | this season

I really love this season of life I'm living. It's slow. It's pretty isolated. It's not terribly productive. But there are zoo days. Walks outside. Delicious meals. So many snuggles. Time for writing. Family dinners. Some baking. 

I had a really lovely slow morning today. Woke up a little over an hour before Lilly rose, so I had time to do dishes and plan my mums and tidy up a bit. It's amazing how that peaceful period can impact your entire day!

TWO | reader weigh-in!

- Do you have a favorite pair of high quality metal or metal-plated pearl stud earrings? I've worn my "hypoallergenic" pearl studs for years but the most recent pair I got (from Target) must not really be all that hypoallergenic because as the plating wears off, I'm having terrible reactions. My ears are super sensitive to nickel and cheap metal, so I'm trying to find a good pair I can wear 24/7 that won't wear down like that!

- Any of you who breastfed (preferably for part of your second pregnancy), how long did it take your boobs to recoup? I was comparing pictures of me 17 weeks preggo with Lilly vs. Julianna cate, and my entire body is exactly the same, minus my no longer ample boobage this go-around. I know breast size doesn't impact milk supply (thank GOD!) but it would be nice to be a teeeeeensy bit more proportional. Trying to figure out if it's just second pregnancy = smaller boobs.... or maybe it's just the fact that I weaned Lilly completely finally two weeks ago. How long will it take them to fill back up again? (Can you say 'impatient'?) 

- Any tips on keeping mums alive? Trying for the third year in a row. We've wasted so much money on poor dead mums... I'm feeling them every morning to make sure the soil is still damp but not too wet. Also trying desperately to keep some basil alive. I just don't have tremendous luck with plants!

THREE | bachelorette part two

Tomorrow will be my second bachelorette party to throw this year. I have much to do -- grocery shop, plan decorations, work out transportation logistics... yikes. Not to mention plan games, potentially make phallic desserts (so not my thing), communicate everything to everyone, mix drinks, and maybe rethink the lingerie I bought. Fail.

FOUR | smocked obsession

I've been a member of Smocking Hot Mamas facebook group (to auction off pre-worn smocked baby goods) for over a year but I just recently (like within the past week) got OBSESSED with it. My mom makes the most beautiful smocked baby wares, but I want to fill Lilly's wardrobe completely full with ALLLLLLL the smocks. Pumpkins, candy canes, trees, nativity scenes... I can't stop looking and bidding and just obsessing.

FIVE | hurricane matthew

Man, this one's a doozy. It seems to strike close to home, considering my sister's family had to evacuate their house just outside of Savannah, GA (as well as we have family near Jacksonville, FL). Seeing the devastation in Haiti and watching the coverage as Matthew strikes Florida and makes its way northward has just been really hard. Praying for all those taking shelter, trying to evacuate, and the emergency crew members that have to stay put to control the damage once it hits. :(

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