Monday, October 24, 2016

bebé dos:: twenty weeks!

How far along: 20 weeks! Officially past the midway mark!!!!!!

Gender: Sugar and cinnamon spice! ;)
Name: Julianna Cate (Anna Cate)
Total weight gain: +10-11ish?
Clothes: I am happy to report I was able to get zipped into my bridesmaid dress this past weekend (see photographic evidence above!)!!!!! I ordered mine when I was at my absolute skinniest back in early May, so I was way nervous and even a couple days before the wedding I couldn't get it zipped on my own or with assistance at night. It took three other bridesmaids and me not really eating anything before slipping into it, but we got it! YAY! I feel like I finally look sufficiently pregnant so that people notice and think it's cute rather than just large (and it seems like the rest of my body is chilling on the weight gain -- please dear Lord -- so I'm more bumpalicious than overall tubby). Otherwise wearing a lot of maternity leggings, maternity t-shirts, a few tank tops (it got HOT this week), my blanket sweater, the pretty off-shoulder navy dress from PinkBlush, a green sweater dress, and my blue-striped Lilly dress.
Sleep: I still haven't caught up with my necessary sleep after the wedding festivities, but I've been doing pretty good. Been crashing at 4pm most days if I don't get a nap, but I could also use some earlier bedtimes.
Cravings: Cottage cheese. Raspberries & cream. Ice cream. Rosemary flatbread breakfast sandwiches with gouda. All the whipped cream in the world. Burrito bowls. La Croix. 
Symptoms: Constantly needing to pee. Bump. A couple isolated incidences of round ligament pain.
Diabetes Management: Got upped on all my meds and they seem to be helping!
Exercise: Barre, walks, dancing at the reception.
Mood: Happy, grateful, nervous, worried, at wit's end with a danger-seeking toddler.
Miss Anything: Thinness and maybe taking for granted my flexibility with only one child.

Nesting: Nada. No effort.
Nursery: Nada. No effort.
Best Moment this week: Wedding weekend festivities! They were super fun and we danced all night long.

Thankful for: Family support and childcare assistance. Overall good health. Baby kicks. My sweet crazy 18-month-old. A Lord I can trust in. Election season coming to a harsh end.
Looking forward to: Possibility of Drew getting a new job! Ultrasound next week. Concert date night tomorrow. Family day Saturday and Halloween costume party at our friends' house that night.

Doctor Visits:  Upcoming November 2. 
Baby Position:  No clue. 
How is Lilly:  A riot and giving me gray hairs with her couch running and forehead brushing antics. She got to meet my friend Melanie today and that was lovely. 

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