Sunday, October 30, 2016

bebé dos:: twenty-one weeks

How far along: 21 weeks with Julianna Cate

Total weight gain: +12 from pre-pregnancy
Clothes: Maternity tops or some longer-length normal ones, my beloved leggings, pulled out the white maternity shorts from my pregnancy with Lilly (because it's effing hot), some swing and bodycon dresses and my lace bralette. (Thank goodness my boobs seem to be picking back up the pace at last.)
Sleep: I need all the sleep there is.
Cravings: Cottage cheese. Ice cream. Halo Top is my life!!!!!
Symptoms: Constantly needing to pee. Bump.
Diabetes Management: So-so. Need to send over levels.
Exercise: Walks.
Mood: Tired.
Miss Anything: Wiiiiine.
Nesting: Nada. No effort.
Nursery: Nada. No effort.
Best Moment this week: Seeing family Saturday and then the legit costume party we went to at our friends' house that night. OR... Drew getting an offer at a new company! YAAAAY!
Thankful for: My sweet baby, naps, clothes that fit.
Looking forward to: Drew's new job!!!!!!

Doctor Visits:  Upcoming November 2. 
Baby Position:  No clue.
How is Lilly:  Adorable! She's a wedding cake for Halloween and it's absolutely precious!!

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