Monday, October 3, 2016

bebé dos:: seventeen weeks

How far along: 17 weeks!

Gender: All sugar and spice.
Name: Julianna Cate (Anna Cate)
Total weight gain: +9 from pre-preg.
Clothes: Maternity jeans and leggings, non-mat plaid flannel shirt, some mat shirts, non-mat PJs, non-mat dress to Caitlyn's wedding, BOOTS!! And pikos.
Sleep: Ample. Took 4 hour nap last week when mom had Lilly!!
Cravings/Aversions: Craving drinking milk, sugar, pumpkin oat cookies, Mexican burrito bowls. Lots of carnitas and fresh salsa and guacamole and Mexican. Also all the hot wings. Wanting fried pickles. CREPES!!!! Raspberries & cream. Pumpkin oat choc cookies. No aversions.
Symptoms: Emotional - weepy, angry, irritable, all over the place. Peeing every 30 minutes. Carpal tunnel in my left wrist. Headaches.
Diabetes Management: Doing better with managing sugar throughout the day (ish); not as rapidly gaining weight this week, thank God.
Exercise: Running, walking, barre, yoga class outside Saturday morning!
Mood: Irritable most of the time, easily angered, easily annoyed, but also happy / grateful / excited too.
Miss Anything: Red wine.
Best Moment this week: Fall weather, Caitlyn's wedding, planning out Lilly's holiday wardrobe and embroidery projects.
Told Anyone? Todo el mundo.
Looking forward to: The rest of fall, hearing JC's heartbeat tomorrow, Katie's bachelorette and wedding, Xmas village, Boudreaus visit, everything.

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