Monday, October 17, 2016

bebé dos:: nineteen weeks

How far along: 19 weeks!!! Omgggg... I had Lilly at 38 weeks so we could very well be at the midway mark!

Gender: Sugar and pumpkin spice! ;)
Name: Julianna Cate (Anna Cate)
Total weight gain: +9?
Clothes: I bought another damn pair of maternity jeans. I have lived in my maternity leggings most days, but I'm still not madly in love with them. I want coverage / material that's like my favorite non-maternity Zella leggings, but I need waistband flexibility. Wore my plaid flannel shirt with a navy high-waisted skirt on Monday; thought I might still be able to disguise the bump but client totally noticed and congratulated me. (Past the point of no return, y'all!) Wearing my gray long- and short-sleeve basic tees on the daily. I thought I was going to really master maternity style this go-around but I'm not feeling it thus far.
Sleep: I crash miserably daily by 4pm. A morning nap that coincides with Lilly's only nap of the day only helps minimally. WHERE is my energy???
Cravings/Aversions: Craving everything sugar but also Mexican salads, meat, cottage cheese, Gouda, fried runny eggs, La Croix, raspberries and copious amounts of whipped cream.
Symptoms: Carpal tunnel. Constant urination. Fatigue. Moodiness. Lethargy.
Diabetes Management: Kind of terrible.
Exercise: Not near enough. Pumpkin patch farm visit was grueling though.
Mood: Irritable, sad, down, easily annoyed.
Miss Anything: Breastfeeding.
Best Moment this week: Boudreau visit!
Told Anyone? Everybody.
Looking forward to: Katie's WEDDING this Saturday!!!!

Overall Life right now: I have not had my shit together in a long time. I'm either running at the speed of light or total sloth when it comes to doing anything -- exercise, keeping up the house, work, blogging, you name it. Drew's out of town this week (AGAIN) so I have to readjust to doing parenting solo, going back and forth between here and Mom & Dad's house, cooking for one (and a half), etc. Drew had an informal interview last week that seems promising -- praying for clarity and God's will to prevail.  It seems like it'd be a great change for our lifestyle - more consistent albeit less flexible hours for him, less travel, less intense load. We'll see what pans out. I ate like shit this weekend and my blood sugar levels have reflected that. Horrified by having to send them to my endocrinologist, but I need to. Bad.

I'm thinking of switching up the questions I answer, since as we're nearing midway and I'm getting repetitive (everyone knows, it's still a girl, etc). Who's got a favorite pregnancy survey?!

Got this one from Lindsey Thorne:

Thankful For:  Fruit instead of cookies. Whipped cream instead of ice cream. A perfect toddler with a perfect sleep schedule. Parents nearby. Opportunities abound for Drew.
Emotions:  Kind of depressed / lethargic, honestly. Loss of will to get stuff done, lack of motivation. Afternoons are hard once Lilly gets up -- what do we do? Battle traffic to go somewhere? I'm actually tired of frequenting Target, we go there SO OFTEN. Drew working out of town makes it harder.
Nesting:  I vacuumed for the first time in weeks yesterday. Everything's a mess and I have much to do on the nesting front, but one day it'll kick in.
Symptoms:  See above!
Doctor Visits:  My next one is November 2. I'm nervous... it's the anatomy scan. I'm afraid my blood sugar is too whack and I'm screwing up my baby. Constant fears. Need to read some Truth to set myself straight.
Baby Position:  No idea! Not progressed enough yet.
Sleep:  Like a husband. ;)
Nursery:  Julianna's nursery? No progress. Nada done.
Workouts:  I need to get obsessive about barre like yesterday.
How is Lilly:  So good. So precious. No clue she's getting a sister. But she's the sweetest.

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