Monday, October 10, 2016

bebé dos:: eighteen weeks

How far along: 18 weeks! I had to look it up because I legit forgot.

Gender: Girly!
Name: Julianna Cate (Anna Cate)
Total weight gain: +9
Clothes: I have to say, my maternity jeans suck. Wearing exclusively dresses, leggings, maternity and loose fitting tops, one pair of majorly sized-up shorts, and sweatshirts.
Sleep: I adore sleep. Wish I got more.
Cravings/Aversions: Sugar. La Croix. Cheese. Salad. 
Symptoms: Carpal tunnel. Frequent urination. Fatigue. Shortness of breath.
Diabetes Management: It's ok.
Exercise: Long walks.
Mood: Irritable, moody, sad, weepy, grateful, appalled, angered.
Miss Anything: Wine. Margaritas. Thinness without having to try.
Best Moment this week: Katie's super fun bachelorette party.
Told Anyone? Everybody.
Looking forward to: Possibly seeing the Boudreaus this weekend. Laken's birthday. Pumpkin patching. Continuing to plan my sweet brides' weddings for 2017. A nap or bedtime.

Overall Life right now: I'm a little restless during the week -- not very many business meetings, so I feel procrastinate-y rather than productive. All the political turmoil has me distressed. Haven't been working out much so that's not helping. It's hard to know what to do during the day. I have projects I want to work on but I'm just feeling lazy. BLOB! We got a carton of CarbSmart ice cream on Sunday night and I haven't been able to resist it, so I've been eating A TON and feeling awful about it. Everything's pretty messy at home. Drew has some potential work advancements headed our way (yay opportunities!) so waiting that out and dealing with the late nights and work travel in the meantime. I bought a blanket sweater yesterday (it's a super cozy waterfall sweater that legit feels like I'm wearing an afghan!) and OBSESSED with it right now. Katie's wedding is in a week and a half -- needing to cut out sugar and lower the carbs so I look great in my dress. And also prepare for a high energy weekend. Looking forward to Boudreau visit and pumpkin patching this weekend. Dani still hasn't regained power in her house from the hurricane so we're waiting to hear on that. (Fortunately the only damage they incurred was to their fence!) OCTOBERRRRR.

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