Sunday, October 30, 2016

bebé dos:: twenty-one weeks

How far along: 21 weeks with Julianna Cate

Total weight gain: +12 from pre-pregnancy
Clothes: Maternity tops or some longer-length normal ones, my beloved leggings, pulled out the white maternity shorts from my pregnancy with Lilly (because it's effing hot), some swing and bodycon dresses and my lace bralette. (Thank goodness my boobs seem to be picking back up the pace at last.)
Sleep: I need all the sleep there is.
Cravings: Cottage cheese. Ice cream. Halo Top is my life!!!!!
Symptoms: Constantly needing to pee. Bump.
Diabetes Management: So-so. Need to send over levels.
Exercise: Walks.
Mood: Tired.
Miss Anything: Wiiiiine.
Nesting: Nada. No effort.
Nursery: Nada. No effort.
Best Moment this week: Seeing family Saturday and then the legit costume party we went to at our friends' house that night. OR... Drew getting an offer at a new company! YAAAAY!
Thankful for: My sweet baby, naps, clothes that fit.
Looking forward to: Drew's new job!!!!!!

Doctor Visits:  Upcoming November 2. 
Baby Position:  No clue.
How is Lilly:  Adorable! She's a wedding cake for Halloween and it's absolutely precious!!

Monday, October 24, 2016

bebé dos:: twenty weeks!

How far along: 20 weeks! Officially past the midway mark!!!!!!

Gender: Sugar and cinnamon spice! ;)
Name: Julianna Cate (Anna Cate)
Total weight gain: +10-11ish?
Clothes: I am happy to report I was able to get zipped into my bridesmaid dress this past weekend (see photographic evidence above!)!!!!! I ordered mine when I was at my absolute skinniest back in early May, so I was way nervous and even a couple days before the wedding I couldn't get it zipped on my own or with assistance at night. It took three other bridesmaids and me not really eating anything before slipping into it, but we got it! YAY! I feel like I finally look sufficiently pregnant so that people notice and think it's cute rather than just large (and it seems like the rest of my body is chilling on the weight gain -- please dear Lord -- so I'm more bumpalicious than overall tubby). Otherwise wearing a lot of maternity leggings, maternity t-shirts, a few tank tops (it got HOT this week), my blanket sweater, the pretty off-shoulder navy dress from PinkBlush, a green sweater dress, and my blue-striped Lilly dress.
Sleep: I still haven't caught up with my necessary sleep after the wedding festivities, but I've been doing pretty good. Been crashing at 4pm most days if I don't get a nap, but I could also use some earlier bedtimes.
Cravings: Cottage cheese. Raspberries & cream. Ice cream. Rosemary flatbread breakfast sandwiches with gouda. All the whipped cream in the world. Burrito bowls. La Croix. 
Symptoms: Constantly needing to pee. Bump. A couple isolated incidences of round ligament pain.
Diabetes Management: Got upped on all my meds and they seem to be helping!
Exercise: Barre, walks, dancing at the reception.
Mood: Happy, grateful, nervous, worried, at wit's end with a danger-seeking toddler.
Miss Anything: Thinness and maybe taking for granted my flexibility with only one child.

Nesting: Nada. No effort.
Nursery: Nada. No effort.
Best Moment this week: Wedding weekend festivities! They were super fun and we danced all night long.

Thankful for: Family support and childcare assistance. Overall good health. Baby kicks. My sweet crazy 18-month-old. A Lord I can trust in. Election season coming to a harsh end.
Looking forward to: Possibility of Drew getting a new job! Ultrasound next week. Concert date night tomorrow. Family day Saturday and Halloween costume party at our friends' house that night.

Doctor Visits:  Upcoming November 2. 
Baby Position:  No clue. 
How is Lilly:  A riot and giving me gray hairs with her couch running and forehead brushing antics. She got to meet my friend Melanie today and that was lovely. 

the baby is eighteen months!!

My little spunky precious firstborn is a year and a half now! (Technically yesterday.) She keeps me on my toes now more than ever -- over the last six months, we found out she has peanut and egg white allergies, she learned how to walk (14 months), we found out she'll be a big sister just before she turns 2, we went to the beach three more times (at 14, 15, and 16 months), she mastered how to scale a flight of stairs (and we quickly added three baby gates to the downstairs), she developed a serious love for drumming (like father like daughter), and she got to go to her first few beautiful weddings. We retired the bouncy seat (finally!), put away the doorway jumper, stopped using the baby monitor (she's plenty loud enough to wake us when she's up), got a new carseat, shifted the crib mattress down low, upgraded to a Large sleep sack at night, and became religious about having her pacifier clip on hand 24/7 and keeping the sound machine on all night. She (and I!) begrudgingly gave up our beloved nursing habit by the time she reached 17 months (and I reached 15 weeks pregnant) :(. We exclusively use the "big stroller" after a seatbelt clip broke on our umbrella stroller and switch up diaper bags depending on my mood, the season, and what we're wearing. We rotate between two basic Munchkin brand sippy cups (which are mainly filled with whole milk) but she can also drink from a water bottle, open cup, and DEMANDS to have some of our La Croix (through a straw) whenever she spots it. Her sleep schedule is absolutely religious and there are dire repercussions if it's missed or delayed -- one 2hr nap (around 10:30 - 12:30) and bedtime at 7:30pm, wakes at 7:30am. She gets hasty with the original bedtime routine, so we cut out two songs (so now it's pjs, brush teeth, sleep sack, story, sound machine, twinkle twinkle, and she's out). She's surprised us by being able to sleep in other's people's homes as long as the room is dark and she has her necessary items (something to play ocean sounds, blankie to snuggle, binky in) -- so we've actually gotten to hang out with people post-7:30pm on rare occasions! We're trying to wean off the binky during the day to encourage talking, but it's a process. She wears size 4 diapers, 12-18 month clothes (some 18-24 but it's big), & size 4 shoes (5 in boots). LOVES shoes and shows whatever she's wearing off to anyone she encounters. She's very friendly and outgoing and generally loves social outings, but gets crankier if she's bored / tired / cold / hot / made to sit too still. She prefers to eat while running back and forth from the table. She's BUSY. Loves splashing in the cats' water bowl and has eaten her fair share of cat food. Loves to feed dogs by hand (and offers her sippy cup to the cats on occasion). Loves bubbles, likes baths, is starting to get fussy about being contained in the stroller / shopping carts, runs everywhere, and thinks it's HILARIOUS to stand up on the couch and run across it -- resulting in a huge bump/bruise on her forehead yesterday. Sigh. Has no idea she's getting a little sister but loves babies and says "AWWW!" whenever she sees one (even if it's a picture on a diaper box). Enjoys playing with other kids but snatches their sippy cups of chocolate milk when I'm not watching. Loves music. Loves playing outside. Thankfully no major separation anxiety when grandparents / our siblings / etc watch her. Sings in her stroller. Sometimes scared of noises - the animal sounds book or the firetruck with siren at Grandma's house. No fear whatsoever around animals, which has gotten her nipped and scratched before by her rough "petting" (and pulling tails / sneaking up behind and squealing at them). Loves to eat carbs at Grandma's house (our house is a little lacking) -- favorite foods are Grandaddy's rolls, Grandma's lasagna and cookies (obvs), chocolate chips, avocado, cheese, cottage cheese, frozen raspberries, ice cream, gumbo, any kind of beans, squeeze pouches, strawberries, pulled pork / carnitas, spicy salsa (straight), sour cream & onion potato chips (at Grandma's house), baby oats, plain greek yogurt, some puffs, mango applesauce, noodles. Seems to be getting over her egg allergy -- has eaten a couple bites of omelette or scrambled eggs recently. Very snuggly and gives hugs freely. Doesn't do her big open-mouthed kisses as much anymore (tear!) but they were the sweetest thing, and she still will dispense kisses on occasion. Stays with Grandma usually once a week while I have meetings or appointments. We also go over there to stay oftentimes when Drew works out of town. Loves playing at parks and in playgrounds -- loves slides, enjoys swinging, loves running around freely. Loves jewelry -- even on strangers. Seems to maybe be a little more left-handed, so we'll see (could take after her Granddan). Frequently says uh-oh, hi, Mama, Dada, kitty cat, dog, ho ho ho, yeah. Also yodels and just started saying a sweet twangy "Ma'am-ma'am-ma'am-ma'am-ma'am-ma'am." Has said other words and babbles constantly but doesn't say anything on demand. (Sigh.) Can point out her nose, mouth, ears, eyes, bellybutton, toes. Can distinguish between red vs pink vs blue vs green balls. Follows commands (hand me that hairbow, etc).  LOVES to push buttons, especially when they do things like beep. Loves to brush her teeth!!!!!

Favorite book is "If I Were a Poodle." Favorite toy is her drumset (which is constantly playing in our house - I just learned how to turn down the volume yesterday!). Favorite food is Grandaddy's rolls.

I have no idea how I can possibly manage TWO little ones, or how Drew and I could have a child that's different than LB, but we're excited. Love love love my little only (for now) child who has sweetened our lives immeasurably.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

pregnant and diabetic -- honesty time

Real talk time. Having pre-existing T1D this pregnancy sucks. It's stressful (SO stressful), minimally painful (shots, finger pricks, blood draws), difficult to plan around (you have to plan everything. Going somewhere there might not be "safe" food? Better pack snacks), and you never know how you're actually doing unless you get bloodwork back (for long term data) or see an ultrasound to assure you your baby will not be 14lbs and have crazy defects.

I bounce between extremes -- hyper vigilant about going for a run after a meal and eating only salads and no refined sugar whatsoever, to lackadaisical and "I'm doing my best!" and indulging in splurge meals (as splurgey as somewhat reasonable) and crossing fingers my long-acting shot will cover that extra bowl of raspberries and whipped cream or homemade cookie. Unfortunately the pendulum swings lax more often than ultra dedicated.

In all honesty, it makes it hard to get excited about the baby (or even think about her) a lot of the time. I don't know if that's because I don't want to get disappointed, or if I have too much to worry and consume my thoughts about already, or just part of the "second child" phenomenon where you're focused on your firstborn because they're in your "right now" moments demanding time and attention and thoughts. Toddlers aren't a piece of cake to juggle when you're exhausted, trying to prick your finger, just wanting a nap, or whatever else.

I don't want to be so complain-y. I want to cherish every moment of this pregnancy because it is sacred and such a special time I will always remember and wish I could hold onto later on. The second I was handed Lilly I said, "This was worth everything," and I know I'll feel the same way with Julianna Cate. Anything to make her healthy. Anything to make her vibrant, alive. Anything to "not screw her up" -- this is my constant fear.

It's hard because it feels like a pain in the ass to be accommodated. It's hard because there's so much weight of responsibility with everything I eat. It's hard because there are so many delicious things out there (and I'm not even talking anything truly decadent), but even one spoonful of too many black-eyed peas will send my levels skyrocketing. It's hard because it's constantly changing. My insulin production varies DRAMATICALLY over the course of a DAY -- I can eat a bowl of shrimp and grits or a chorizo crepe or an egg & cheese biscuit in the morning, but if I tried to have the same meal at 2pm, my blood sugar level would DOUBLE. It's hard because it makes me feel uncontrollably fat -- because insulin is a fat storage hormone, and the more you eat the more you have to take and the more you take, the fatter you get. It's hard to know what works, to put in the work (the grocery shopping, the meal prep, the portion controlling, the timing), and then not even have the 100% assurance you did it right. It's hard because I want to seem like I have it under control but I'm constantly second-guessing myself, having to justify my decisions to well-meaning Drew while also feeling so selfish because I couldn't resist that cookie at Mom & Dad's. 

I WANT to be positive. I want to speak life and positivity and light into Julianna Cate throughout this pregnancy. I want to have faith that I am capable of taking on this challenge with the strength of God. I also want to be perfect, to have perfect levels after every meal, to send perfect logs to my health care providers, have a perfect bill of health at every ultrasound, never have to worry about anything going awry because this disease is perfectly controlled. 

Please know that I am so, so grateful, despite the hard, despite the negativity, despite the honest ugliness. I am so grateful to be carrying LIFE. To have this time with my perfect little second daughter. To have another DAUGHTER! (My dream!!!) To be this close with her. To feel her kicks. To have otherwise good health. To have had 25 years without the disease. For it to be my burden and not my children's. I would literally take on ANYTHING to spare them. I am so grateful to have this disease which is so minimal -- it's just inconvenience, ultimately. It's livable. It was caught early. There are so many ways to treat it long-term. It forces me into healthier living. Advancements are coming at the speed of light. Our timing happened to work out for the best results for Anna Cate. We were able to have a healthy perfect child already. I have a supportive, loving, present, living, healthy husband. I have supportive family and friends. I have compassionate health care providers - a whole team of doctors, nurses, specialists who counseled me in the planning stages, and monitor everything closely now to make sure Julianna Cate and I are safe.

This is my heart poured out. I am scared. I am worried. I am hopeful. I am grateful. I am trying my best to make it one day, one meal, one bite at a time.

Monday, October 17, 2016

bebé dos:: nineteen weeks

How far along: 19 weeks!!! Omgggg... I had Lilly at 38 weeks so we could very well be at the midway mark!

Gender: Sugar and pumpkin spice! ;)
Name: Julianna Cate (Anna Cate)
Total weight gain: +9?
Clothes: I bought another damn pair of maternity jeans. I have lived in my maternity leggings most days, but I'm still not madly in love with them. I want coverage / material that's like my favorite non-maternity Zella leggings, but I need waistband flexibility. Wore my plaid flannel shirt with a navy high-waisted skirt on Monday; thought I might still be able to disguise the bump but client totally noticed and congratulated me. (Past the point of no return, y'all!) Wearing my gray long- and short-sleeve basic tees on the daily. I thought I was going to really master maternity style this go-around but I'm not feeling it thus far.
Sleep: I crash miserably daily by 4pm. A morning nap that coincides with Lilly's only nap of the day only helps minimally. WHERE is my energy???
Cravings/Aversions: Craving everything sugar but also Mexican salads, meat, cottage cheese, Gouda, fried runny eggs, La Croix, raspberries and copious amounts of whipped cream.
Symptoms: Carpal tunnel. Constant urination. Fatigue. Moodiness. Lethargy.
Diabetes Management: Kind of terrible.
Exercise: Not near enough. Pumpkin patch farm visit was grueling though.
Mood: Irritable, sad, down, easily annoyed.
Miss Anything: Breastfeeding.
Best Moment this week: Boudreau visit!
Told Anyone? Everybody.
Looking forward to: Katie's WEDDING this Saturday!!!!

Overall Life right now: I have not had my shit together in a long time. I'm either running at the speed of light or total sloth when it comes to doing anything -- exercise, keeping up the house, work, blogging, you name it. Drew's out of town this week (AGAIN) so I have to readjust to doing parenting solo, going back and forth between here and Mom & Dad's house, cooking for one (and a half), etc. Drew had an informal interview last week that seems promising -- praying for clarity and God's will to prevail.  It seems like it'd be a great change for our lifestyle - more consistent albeit less flexible hours for him, less travel, less intense load. We'll see what pans out. I ate like shit this weekend and my blood sugar levels have reflected that. Horrified by having to send them to my endocrinologist, but I need to. Bad.

I'm thinking of switching up the questions I answer, since as we're nearing midway and I'm getting repetitive (everyone knows, it's still a girl, etc). Who's got a favorite pregnancy survey?!

Got this one from Lindsey Thorne:

Thankful For:  Fruit instead of cookies. Whipped cream instead of ice cream. A perfect toddler with a perfect sleep schedule. Parents nearby. Opportunities abound for Drew.
Emotions:  Kind of depressed / lethargic, honestly. Loss of will to get stuff done, lack of motivation. Afternoons are hard once Lilly gets up -- what do we do? Battle traffic to go somewhere? I'm actually tired of frequenting Target, we go there SO OFTEN. Drew working out of town makes it harder.
Nesting:  I vacuumed for the first time in weeks yesterday. Everything's a mess and I have much to do on the nesting front, but one day it'll kick in.
Symptoms:  See above!
Doctor Visits:  My next one is November 2. I'm nervous... it's the anatomy scan. I'm afraid my blood sugar is too whack and I'm screwing up my baby. Constant fears. Need to read some Truth to set myself straight.
Baby Position:  No idea! Not progressed enough yet.
Sleep:  Like a husband. ;)
Nursery:  Julianna's nursery? No progress. Nada done.
Workouts:  I need to get obsessive about barre like yesterday.
How is Lilly:  So good. So precious. No clue she's getting a sister. But she's the sweetest.

Monday, October 10, 2016

bebé dos:: eighteen weeks

How far along: 18 weeks! I had to look it up because I legit forgot.

Gender: Girly!
Name: Julianna Cate (Anna Cate)
Total weight gain: +9
Clothes: I have to say, my maternity jeans suck. Wearing exclusively dresses, leggings, maternity and loose fitting tops, one pair of majorly sized-up shorts, and sweatshirts.
Sleep: I adore sleep. Wish I got more.
Cravings/Aversions: Sugar. La Croix. Cheese. Salad. 
Symptoms: Carpal tunnel. Frequent urination. Fatigue. Shortness of breath.
Diabetes Management: It's ok.
Exercise: Long walks.
Mood: Irritable, moody, sad, weepy, grateful, appalled, angered.
Miss Anything: Wine. Margaritas. Thinness without having to try.
Best Moment this week: Katie's super fun bachelorette party.
Told Anyone? Everybody.
Looking forward to: Possibly seeing the Boudreaus this weekend. Laken's birthday. Pumpkin patching. Continuing to plan my sweet brides' weddings for 2017. A nap or bedtime.

Overall Life right now: I'm a little restless during the week -- not very many business meetings, so I feel procrastinate-y rather than productive. All the political turmoil has me distressed. Haven't been working out much so that's not helping. It's hard to know what to do during the day. I have projects I want to work on but I'm just feeling lazy. BLOB! We got a carton of CarbSmart ice cream on Sunday night and I haven't been able to resist it, so I've been eating A TON and feeling awful about it. Everything's pretty messy at home. Drew has some potential work advancements headed our way (yay opportunities!) so waiting that out and dealing with the late nights and work travel in the meantime. I bought a blanket sweater yesterday (it's a super cozy waterfall sweater that legit feels like I'm wearing an afghan!) and OBSESSED with it right now. Katie's wedding is in a week and a half -- needing to cut out sugar and lower the carbs so I look great in my dress. And also prepare for a high energy weekend. Looking forward to Boudreau visit and pumpkin patching this weekend. Dani still hasn't regained power in her house from the hurricane so we're waiting to hear on that. (Fortunately the only damage they incurred was to their fence!) OCTOBERRRRR.

Julianna Cate's Bumpdates

Friday, October 7, 2016

five on friday

It's that time! Linking up with ChristinaApril, and Natasha:

ONE | this season

I really love this season of life I'm living. It's slow. It's pretty isolated. It's not terribly productive. But there are zoo days. Walks outside. Delicious meals. So many snuggles. Time for writing. Family dinners. Some baking. 

I had a really lovely slow morning today. Woke up a little over an hour before Lilly rose, so I had time to do dishes and plan my mums and tidy up a bit. It's amazing how that peaceful period can impact your entire day!

TWO | reader weigh-in!

- Do you have a favorite pair of high quality metal or metal-plated pearl stud earrings? I've worn my "hypoallergenic" pearl studs for years but the most recent pair I got (from Target) must not really be all that hypoallergenic because as the plating wears off, I'm having terrible reactions. My ears are super sensitive to nickel and cheap metal, so I'm trying to find a good pair I can wear 24/7 that won't wear down like that!

- Any of you who breastfed (preferably for part of your second pregnancy), how long did it take your boobs to recoup? I was comparing pictures of me 17 weeks preggo with Lilly vs. Julianna cate, and my entire body is exactly the same, minus my no longer ample boobage this go-around. I know breast size doesn't impact milk supply (thank GOD!) but it would be nice to be a teeeeeensy bit more proportional. Trying to figure out if it's just second pregnancy = smaller boobs.... or maybe it's just the fact that I weaned Lilly completely finally two weeks ago. How long will it take them to fill back up again? (Can you say 'impatient'?) 

- Any tips on keeping mums alive? Trying for the third year in a row. We've wasted so much money on poor dead mums... I'm feeling them every morning to make sure the soil is still damp but not too wet. Also trying desperately to keep some basil alive. I just don't have tremendous luck with plants!

THREE | bachelorette part two

Tomorrow will be my second bachelorette party to throw this year. I have much to do -- grocery shop, plan decorations, work out transportation logistics... yikes. Not to mention plan games, potentially make phallic desserts (so not my thing), communicate everything to everyone, mix drinks, and maybe rethink the lingerie I bought. Fail.

FOUR | smocked obsession

I've been a member of Smocking Hot Mamas facebook group (to auction off pre-worn smocked baby goods) for over a year but I just recently (like within the past week) got OBSESSED with it. My mom makes the most beautiful smocked baby wares, but I want to fill Lilly's wardrobe completely full with ALLLLLLL the smocks. Pumpkins, candy canes, trees, nativity scenes... I can't stop looking and bidding and just obsessing.

FIVE | hurricane matthew

Man, this one's a doozy. It seems to strike close to home, considering my sister's family had to evacuate their house just outside of Savannah, GA (as well as we have family near Jacksonville, FL). Seeing the devastation in Haiti and watching the coverage as Matthew strikes Florida and makes its way northward has just been really hard. Praying for all those taking shelter, trying to evacuate, and the emergency crew members that have to stay put to control the damage once it hits. :(

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

daddy's famous cheesecake

This cheesecake. It's had newspaper write-ups about it, had countless requests for it, has been made into a billion variations. It's been baked for every possible special occasion -- weddings, holidays, appreciation gifts, parties, proms, graduation parties, showers, you name it. It's Drew's favorite dessert. The recipe has been tweaked and altered over years with countless adjustments to make it absolutely perfect. And still, sometimes it's impossible to recreate if you're not my Dad, making it at home, under perfect conditions. It doesn't require a water bath, but NEEDS a few special tools (namely, a springform pan and extra-long Magic Baking Strips). This "original" recipe is technically a pineapple cheesecake, but you shouldn't think of it that way because it doesn't taste super pineappley -- the citrus just brings out the flavor optimally (and if you really hate pineapple, you can sub in a tablespoon or two of lemon juice and some vanilla bean paste to make it "plain"). Other favorite tweaks include mixing in chopped white chocolate and seedless raspberry puree or making it mocha with a chocolate cookie crust. You can do a lot with it. But this is the original, and this is as thorough of instructions as I can give.

Daddy's Famous Original Cheesecake

8-inch springform pan
2 extra-long magic baking strips


1 Pillsbury rolled pie crust (from the refrigerator section of the grocery)
8 oz can of pineapple in juice
8 oz regular cream cheese
16 oz 1/3-fat cream cheese
1/2 cup granulated sugar
2 large eggs
1 heaping cup heavy cream
1 tsp vanilla extract


Soften cream cheese and set out eggs & pie crust to get to room temperature.
Drain 8oz can of pineapple in juice.
Soak 2 extra-long magic strips in glass of water. Let it soak up and flip a few times to fully immerse. (This takes the place of a water bath.)
Check oven to ensure any vents on the top of the oven are blocked to prevent drippage from steam from the magic strips. You can place a square of aluminum foil with the edges turned up on the top rack of the oven to prevent this.


Once store-bought pie crust has come close to room temperature (not warm and floppy; aim for firm and pliable), roll out on counter. Sprinkle with flour and rub in on one side to create dry surface. 
Spray springform pan with nonstick spray (sides and bottom). 
Center pie crust, floured side down, on top of springform pan. Press down starting from center and working outwards to evenly spread in pan. 
Use a pastry cutter to even out sides (trimming just slightly - pie crust will cover bottom and roughly half of the sides of pan). Dock crust and sides of crust thoroughly with fork to prevent bubbles. 
Place pan in freezer as you preheat oven to 425F on Bake. 
When oven has preheated, bake crust for 10.5 minutes. 
At this point, crust will be mostly but not completely cooked through, and puffy. While still hot, gently press down with oven mitt to smooth back to sides and bottom of pan. Repeat in one minute. 
[Let oven cool down to 350F.]


In metal mixing bowl of a stand mixer, place softened cream cheese (1/3 fat, then original, then 1/3 fat to evenly distribute). Mix on medium speed for ~3 minutes, until smooth and incorporated.
Slowly add 1/2 cup sugar evenly around bowl until well incorporated (on medium-slow speed). Wipe down sides of bowl and mix again for 1 minute.
Add 1 tsp of vanilla on low speed until incorporated.
Add eggs one at a time on low speed until incorporated. Wipe down sides & beater. Continue beating on low for 1 minute (careful not to beat too high just after adding eggs or mixture will get tough).
Slowly pour in just over 1 cup heavy cream, beating on low. Wipe down sides. Mix at medium high for 2 minutes until mixture is thick.

Pour 1/3 of mixture into prepared crust. Evenly spread drained pineapple. (Rinse strainer at this point or it'll stick and be a major pain!)
Pour in rest of mixture, evenly distributed in pan.
Gently shake pan (to remove air bubbles) as you smooth with spatula.
Careful not to wring out any moisture, fasten on the two magic strips to springform pan, overlapping at the clasp of pan. 
Bake 45 minutes (NO LONGER!) on 350F in the middle rack of the oven.

When baked, place on cooling rack or air-circulating stovetop surface and remove magic strips immediately. Bring to room temperature before refrigerating overnight. Remove from pan just before serving. (We usually put these on cardboard cake rounds for ease in transporting / storing in the fridge.)

If you need to serve it the same day, you can place it in the freezer for 2-3 hours (checking on it periodically) and once it's hardened but not frozen, refrigerate and serve.

the original recipe source and notes
pre-baking storebought pie crust
soak magic strips & drain canned pineapple
how crust should look after pre-baking
gently press down inevitable mounds/bubbles while still hot
sufficiently mix cream cheese mixture until thick & decadent
how it looks as you stick it in oven to bake!

Monday, October 3, 2016

bebé dos:: seventeen weeks

How far along: 17 weeks!

Gender: All sugar and spice.
Name: Julianna Cate (Anna Cate)
Total weight gain: +9 from pre-preg.
Clothes: Maternity jeans and leggings, non-mat plaid flannel shirt, some mat shirts, non-mat PJs, non-mat dress to Caitlyn's wedding, BOOTS!! And pikos.
Sleep: Ample. Took 4 hour nap last week when mom had Lilly!!
Cravings/Aversions: Craving drinking milk, sugar, pumpkin oat cookies, Mexican burrito bowls. Lots of carnitas and fresh salsa and guacamole and Mexican. Also all the hot wings. Wanting fried pickles. CREPES!!!! Raspberries & cream. Pumpkin oat choc cookies. No aversions.
Symptoms: Emotional - weepy, angry, irritable, all over the place. Peeing every 30 minutes. Carpal tunnel in my left wrist. Headaches.
Diabetes Management: Doing better with managing sugar throughout the day (ish); not as rapidly gaining weight this week, thank God.
Exercise: Running, walking, barre, yoga class outside Saturday morning!
Mood: Irritable most of the time, easily angered, easily annoyed, but also happy / grateful / excited too.
Miss Anything: Red wine.
Best Moment this week: Fall weather, Caitlyn's wedding, planning out Lilly's holiday wardrobe and embroidery projects.
Told Anyone? Todo el mundo.
Looking forward to: The rest of fall, hearing JC's heartbeat tomorrow, Katie's bachelorette and wedding, Xmas village, Boudreaus visit, everything.

Julianna Cate's Bumpdates