Monday, September 12, 2016

Q&A on baby dellinger dos

If you didn't see it already, we made our special announcement over the weekend! Thank you all for the sweet words of excitement and congratulations -- we are over the moon and so excited for Lilly to be a big sister! I'm always super nosy and excited for friends who are expecting, so in case you're the same way, I've written a little Q&A of things you may be wondering about Baby Dellinger Dos!

Was it planned? To say the least. With my developing T1D after Lilly's birth, we had to undergo a lot of medical planning and strategizing to make sure another baby would be healthy and I'd be starting off in a safe blood sugar level range to get pregnant. While it might have taken away a little of the "let's just see what happens!" mystery (which is way overrated and infuriating for anyone who really wants a baby anyways), the Type A planner in me was totally fine with that. Also, we had my wedding schedule to work around since I learned the first time not to ever have a baby the same month (or close to it!) you're due!!!

When are you due / how many weeks are you? I am due March 13, 2017, so I'm 14 weeks now.

Are you showing yet? As many of you know, subsequent pregnancies tend to be physically noticeable quicker (because the miracle that is a human uterus is so elastic and remembers what it was like to house a baby since the last go-around). While I'd still argue I'm definitely in the awkward "I ate too many burritos and just look chubby / thick in the middle" phase (WHY DOES IT LAST SO LONG?), I can definitely push it out to get a makeshift bump when I want to. (And especially after eating a big meal!) Hoping I get to the adorable bump phase real fast.

When did you find out? I took lucky test #7 (yes, I'm that impatient and also - vacation mojitos) while we were on vacation in Tybee Island, Georgia, on July 5.

How did you tell Drew? Along the lines of me being super impatient and pre-emptive, I had appliqued and monogrammed Lilly a "Big Sis" shirt (with Lilly Pulitzer fabric, obvs) and even taken secret photos of her wearing it before we left for vacation. (JUST IN CASE.) I was super stealthy, stashing it away in my suitcase with an "I'm a Big Sister" book (that I picked up impulsively one day) just in case in needed to whip it out over vacay. Despite taking six negative tests over the course of a week leading up to it (because I am that insane and was taking them way too early), I was pleasantly surprised by a positive result that morning at 3am. Woke Drew up at 6 when Lilly got up to eat that morning, put her in her new shirt and told a very grumpy / groggy Drew "LOOK AT WHAT LILLY'S WEARING!" excitedly. He was  less than enthusiastic but cheered up once he had some coffee. :D The first person I told outside of him was my father, who wasn't able to join us on our family vacation. Called him while my mom and sister were out walking on the beach so he could be the first to know, and then had Lilly traipse out in her new duds shortly after they returned. (Note: the generic Walmart brand of pregnancy tests is actually more sensitive than the digital Clearblue ones, so if you're a psycho and want to waste your money on a billion tests before your period is due you want the earliest possible result, I recommend getting the Walmart one and DEFINITELY DON'T TAKE IT BEFORE FIVE DAYS PRIOR.)

Does Lilly know? As much as a 16-month-old can! She's really great with babies -- always hugging the friends she meets and kissing boxes/catalogs with pictures of babies and saying "AWWWW!", so we know she'll be the best big sister ever. But as far as her actually understanding what's going on, that's doubtful.

Do you want a boy or a girl? Obviously first and foremost we want a healthy baby. But when it comes to petty preferences, I wanted a girl so Lilly would have a sister (I'm super close with mine!), and Drew wanted a boy because he's already outnumbered in our household (and he'd be such a great boy dad).

Do you know what you're having? We do we do!!! We're keeping it secret just a liiiiiittle bit longer, though. What do you think we're having?!?!?

How do you know the gender so early? 1. Being high risk has its perks, and 2. Our insurance covers the Verifi blood test that checks on chromosomal issues at 10 weeks. We found out at 12 weeks. (And baby is all clear for chromosomal abnormalities!)

Any names picked out? We had one name for sure picked out and one as a definite set of initials but an uncertain middle name. We'll announce it when we reveal the gender!

Are you still breastfeeding Lilly? Barely. My OB said I could finish out the first trimester but needed to stop by the second, so this past month has been a heart-wrenching (and tantrum-throwing) disaster trying to get her to give it up. She nurses once a day now but we're working on eliminating it completely since I'm technically 2nd trimester now. (WAHHH!)

How have you been feeling? HA! Miserably nauseous from weeks 6 - 10 (WAY WORSE THAN THE FIRST TIME AROUND!), and totally crazy. Emotional roller coaster is the biggest understatement I've ever heard -- I have zero patience whatsoever, and I go from absolutely furious to sobbing in a matter of mere seconds, and poor Drew takes the brunt of all of it. I have taken it upon myself to solve all of the world's societal issues this pregnancy and seriously get so pissed when I hear or think about instances of injustice. The negative side has been people debating with (one another on) my hot-headed posts on Facebook. I'm working on shutting up and figuring out better actionable solutions rather than just airing them for people to decide whether or not they think they're problematic. (Sighhhhhhh.) Also -- "tired" means something altogether different when you couple first trimester exhaustion with a BUSY BUSY BUSY toddler.

How is your diabetes now? Since I'm pregnant now, it has to be strictly controlled and within tight limits. That means for the time being, I'm on a long-acting insulin overnight and taking a small dose of fast-acting insulin with dinner. Now that some of my energy is returning, I'm trying to actually work out so I can control it better organically, but it's a reality that it will continue to get worse up until the end by the nature of the disease. So they'll just keep upping my meds, and we should be alright.

Do you want more children after this one? We used to want three total, but with my health and also how seriously crazy I get every pregnancy, we resigned ourself to two so this is, Lord-willing, our last. (We also have plenty of friends who had unexpected pregnancies and babies who defied medical procedures intended to eliminate the possibilities of them, so we can't defy God's will, but we also plan to take every precaution necessary -- especially considering the medical risks my health entails.) We are so INSANELY grateful to have our one perfect little girl and this possibility for new life in our family. My first pregnancy really taught us what a precious and fragile gift it is to have a child (and how we can never take for granted the OPTION to, nor our health and ability to), so we are overwhelmed and overjoyed that God has given us Lilly and even these precious fourteen weeks of "new baby." (And also we reserve the right to change our minds at any point of time because our family = our decision. :D) 

We're also particularly thrilled because my best childhood friend is due just under a month before me, and we have had several other close friends announce they're expecting around the same time period!!!! We are definitely entering the phase of life where friends and family are beginning to start or continue growing their own family units, so it's really nice to be in good company. I'd always hoped to have two little ones close together in age, and with this timing Lilly and new baby will be 22-23 months apart, which is perfect to me. 


So there's all you could have possibly wanted to know AND THEN SOME about our growing family! What do you think we're having?! And what do you think we're naming him/her?!

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