Monday, September 5, 2016

labor day:: currently

Taken from Jennifer today!
{iPhone snap from Lilly's photo sesh this AM bright and early!!!}

Reading… Blogs. Had a couple overdue books over the summer so I haven't checked out more yet.
Watching… Baby Daddy. It's cheesy, ridiculous, and like fast food entertainment but we like a little fluff here and there.
Trying… to work out on a more consistent basis. Not nursing anymore is killing me -- waaaah easy calorie burn all day long!
Cooking… Nada. Made some brunch items this weekend but I rarely cook, in all honesty.
Eating… Crepes! We went to Red Bicycle this morning and had Mexican and hot chicken crepes. Nommm!!
Drinking… Coffee leftover from brunch! Need to up my water intake though.
Calling… My sister mostly.
Texting… Group text with mom & sis. It's constant! 
Pinning… So many baking recipes I can't have! Also obsessed with party dips...
Loving… TBBC pajamas. Really wanting matching mom and daughter PJs!
Hating… Mosquitos. Everywhere I go I get bit!
Discovering… How insensitive people are over social media. Posted about an ethnic group that's being oppressed and you wouldn't believe the ugly backlash it warranted!! 
Feeling… A little sad today. Maybe nostalgia as we took Lilly's one year photos? Sad her first year went so quickly? Not sure.
Listening (to)… Hootie & the Blowfish. It's an odd phase...
Celebrating… Labor Day and a fun three day weekend! Hoping to do something fun tonight.
Smelling… Lemon apple candle! I'm usually allergic to apple scent but this one's been ok!
Ordering… a sweet personal crest for my little one. So excited to see it!
Considering… A gold star chart to incentivize working out & no sugar.
Starting… to get stoked for fall!! Gimme pumpkin spice creamer NOW!!
Finishing… this post and probably going to rest my eyes since it's lazy Labor Day!

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  1. Ahhh how cute is your little girl! Hope you had a great LDW!

    xo Jen
    Skirt The Rules