Friday, September 2, 2016

five on friday

It's that time! Linking up with ChristinaApril, and Natasha:

ONE:: Dips for Entertaining
{Samoa Dip - yum!!!}

So, every evening I've been obsessed with Pinterest (again - is it 2010 or is it just me?) and lately, I can't keep myself from pinning a billion and eighty-two dip recipes! Granted, I do have a lot of parties on my horizon and I pretty much never use an actual caterer (because I'm cheap - maybe in my thirties!), so I have to keep up a nice arsenal of good party dips. There are so many variations, too!!!!! Tiramisu dip (yum), pumpkin spice dip (made several of these for Kat's "Little Pumpkin" baby shower last year -- not the best tasting, esp when you use diet cool whip -- but it was festive!), apple dip, you name it!


It's the most basic time of the year! SEPTEMBER IS HERE and I am so grateful it came in with a legitimate cooler day. Probably can blame Hurricane Hermine for that, but it feels good for the short-term! (PS -- Dying over the "Ain't afraid of no Harry Potter Hurricane" meme going around right now!) I'm not rushing to pull out full length pants or anything, but I was legitimately cold inside at Target the other day and it's total open-the-windows weather right now. No me gusta the 90s-temps forecasted for next week though.... Sigh. 

THREE:: Lilly's One-Year Photos
So yes, I have a sixteen month old.  But we are finally taking her one year photos (the last in her heirloom baby collection 😥😢😭) Monday morning. We did this for a couple reasons -- our photographer lives in Virginia now, so we're at the mercy of her Nashville travel schedule; we got Lilly's actual first birthday professionally photographed so that phase of her babydom was captured; and I like to have different seasons and places depicted in our family photos (since I almost exclusively use them to decorate our walls). So a September shoot with a walking toddler baby it is! We're planning to rock a couple coordinating Lilly Pulitzer dresses which I hope will look timeless and classic. It'll obvs be a summery look but that's ok! Our previous shoots have been in winter (engagement), summer (our wedding), winter (post-wedding), spring in Charleston (maternity), spring (newborn), fall (six month), and spring (birthday party). So it's time for another summer, right?

FOUR:: Lilly Sale Purchases

{not the actual new loot, but coupla Lilly pieces!}

I got my first shipment in from my four (gasp!) purchases from the Lilly P sale the other week! Lilly's orange and pink shift dress came in (and is precious, as you can imagine), as did my beach shorts. And boy are they comfortable! I got this super cute Gap Athletic long-sleeve open back top on clearance in Savannah a couple weeks ago and it's the perfect neon corally-pink that goes SO WELL with my Lilly printed capris/pants. If we lived near the coast, it would be the perfect early morning beach walk outfit! For now, it'll be my errand running / casual put together at home / athletic everyday wardrobe. Obsessed! Can't wait to get in my Marlowe dress and the t shirts, to see how they fit.

FIVE:: Last-Minute Brunch Prep

{it's baking day!}

If you saw my post yesterday afternoon, you'd know we've got a champagne brunch party to throw tomorrow morning! I'm so excited! Got to get to monogramming, ironing, and food prep today. And maybe try on the color-coordinated outfit I was planning to wear, to see if it's remotely practical. I really don't know what on earth I'll wear if it looks silly (or too formal -- it is a silk cocktail dress so it may look so out of place!), since I don't own a lot of yellow clothing. I used to have this beautiful yellow beaded cardigan that was STUNNING. So sad I got rid of it at some point of time. What was I thinking? (Maybe it was pilling and awful and my memory just doesn't reflect that. I usually don't get rid of things until they're at their last limb. But I always have purge regret!)

Other items I've thrown away in the past and regretted:  that ivory silk mini purse from Banana Republic with the gorgeous brooch clasp (my mom threw it out), my original pink tennis shoes (mom also threw these out), my red cardigan with rhinestone buttons, my yellow beaded cardigan, my brown puffer vest (don't miss it now but I did a couple years ago).... ok so maybe I don't remember and miss all that many things I've thrown out in the past. But my dress collection is still intact. Hoarder max.


Got any fun Labor Day plans? Our pool is closing Sunday... wahhhh! In all honesty I'm actually ok with it, since I've been a little over it just because we did so much vacationing this summer and got SO MUCH pool and ocean time, but I think I'm just being weird this year and that's why I could ever get "enough." Happy Labor Day to you all!

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