Monday, September 26, 2016

bebé dos:: sixteen weeks

How far along: 16 weeks!

Gender: We're seeing pink!
Name: Julianna Cate (Anna Cate)
Total weight gain: +8 from pre-pregnancy (as of home scale).
Clothes: Been wearing some maternity clothes -- miserably uncomfortable jeans, super comfortable leggings, a couple of ruched shirts, and the bump is visible. It's not huge but it's noticeable.
Sleep: Loving naps. Will I ever not?
Cravings/Aversions: Craving milk, cottage cheese, raspberries and whipped cream, sugar. Trying to not give in to the sugar -- working on fruit only as my "sweets" between now and Katie's wedding. I CAN DO THIS!
Symptoms: Emotional - was moved to tears by the silly auto-tuned "Backin Up" song on YouTube last night. Noticeable small baby bump. Peeing every 30 minutes.
Diabetes Management: It's been okay. Had mom's delicious, scrumptious red beans & rice with Daddy's beef ribs on Saturday night and it spiked me up to 202 one hour after eating, even with my two units of insulin. I really can't eat anything for "dessert" after dinner, either -- had raspberries and cream after my quinoa and gumbo last night and was 150 two hours postprandial. So far, mornings are the most tolerable (although it seems my sugar spikes one hour after, but then crashes when my natural insulin hits), lunch can be hit-or-miss depending on what I eat (sandwiches are a no go), and all my sugary snacking never helps. As I mentioned earlier, I'm trying to not buy anything sugary (or even fake-sugary!) so it's not in our house to tempt me. I've been super self-conscious about gaining so much weight so fast, and especially after quitting nursing over the last month, I've definitely seen my numbers creep up rapidly because I haven't adjusted my eating habits to not sustaining TWO babies. I try to have grace with myself but I also need to rein it in, and would really love to fit into my tiny bridesmaid dress by October 22!
Exercise: Today is the FIRST day it's been really nice outside!!!!!!!! We played outside for a bit. Last week we went on a jog/walk one evening -- trying to up those "sessions", as well as do more barre3 videos at home. Working on it! Drew has a goal to lose 15 lbs by Thanksgiving (putting him around 160 - 165), so we're trying to keep one another accountable and motivated.

Mood: Very irritable most of the them, easily angered, easily annoyed, but also happy / grateful / excited too. Wearing ill-fitting or tight clothes does not help the situation EVER.
Miss Anything: Nursing. Last week was the last time I nursed Lilly -- we went from all day long to once a day (first thing in the morning), then gave her a lot more whole milk throughout the day to keep her full overnight and only gave in if she was having a full on morning meltdown, but she's slowly grown to accept a bottle or sippy cup of whole milk now and we're officially weaned. Bittersweet!
Best Moment this week: Katie's shower was a highlight -- it was a long day of work prepping everything, decorating, and entertaining everyone, but it went GREAT, we had a small but quality group of women there, and I'm excited to move onto the next thing. I also felt AnnaCate move for the first time on Thursday night!!!!!!!!!!!! Love her little soft kicks!

Told Anyone? Everyone knows! Strangers still don't approach me or assume I'm pregnant, but I'm getting closer to the "cute phase" rather than the "burrito phase." PTL!
Looking forward to: The rest of sweet fall, cooler weather that's here to stay, wearing my plaid flannel shirt and maternity jeans, selling those damn too-tight maternity jeans, ordering new photo prints from our Labor Day shoot to hang all over the house, Laken's birthday party, Caitlyn's reception this Sunday, Katie's bachelorette party, going to fall festivals, seeing the Boudreaus when they visit, getting more progress done on 2017 weddings, embroidering and appliquéing fun fall outfits, more Tennessee football (UNDEFEATED!), seeing family, going for walks, seeing the zoo and maybe Cheekwood!

Overall Life right now: I'm done with my fall '16 wedding season, which I'm grateful for. Excited to have weekends and less busyness, especially now that Katie's shower is over (it was a lot of work!). Working on eating healthier, cooking more crockpot meals and soups since I have the time and need the healthy habits, and getting more exercise. I would love to have a "barre body" with cut arms -- I was in really excellent shape the first time around when I got pregnant with Lilly and maintained a lot of that muscle definition throughout my first and second trimesters; I thought I was still in great shape this time but I think a good deal of it was just skinny from nursing (and therefore showed more of my muscle definition without a lot of effort). All the sugar and carbs I've been eating (I eat a lot, y'all) have definitely SHOWED now that I don't have nursing to lean on anymore so I need to curb the cravings and show some restraint. Definitely what they say about showing more the second time around has been true -- even to the extent where my hips and shape has morphed into "ready to birth another baby" mode super fast, which surprised me a lot. Pants that were comfortable throughout my entire pregnancy the first time around cut into my waistline and hips now (YIKES!), so I'm really pretty dependent on maternity leggings for comfortable loungewear and everyday athleisure clothing. I had gotten two pairs of designer maternity jeans in the early days, in the two sizes I wear pre-pregnancy (26/27), thinking one would work in the early stages and then the other would carry me to the end. Well, that 26 pair was miserably tight from day one (and that's even with me being -4lbs when I was still nursing and had quit drinking my calories), so you can only imagine how awful they were when I tried to wear them this week at 15 weeks!!!! Once it cools down permanently I'll wear the 27s more often. Right now they still feel so low on my hips that it's uncomfortable to me (WHO on earth likes their pants that freaking low?! Even with a belly panel?!) but maybe as I grow it'll get better. We'll see. They could've just been an awful investment, and I probably should've gotten a pair in real life that I'd tried on beforehand. But you live and learn.

I'm going back today to post the bumpdates from weeks past. I'll set them as their actual "written" dates, which you can look at here!
Julianna Cate's Bumpdates

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