Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Lilly sale madness

Surprisingly, I'm not referring to the sheer mass of Lilly aficionados or online traffic... I personally have been overtaken with Lilly madness and a buying spree I'm totally embarrassed by. But the prices are so good!!! The prints are so good!!! I'm holding myself back from getting the $60 Skipper popover I "need" in a brighter color (mine's navy) and smaller size. (Christmas??)

Here's what I couldn't hold myself back from...

Been in love with this Marlowe since it debuted. That stripe! The purples! The comfy fit! I have the same cut of dress in a bright blue stripe and it's beyond perfect. Hoping the XS I snagged this one in will be a great fit. I plan to layer my coral puffer vest over this all winter!

Fell in love with these beach shorts when Caycee was singing their praises beginning of this summer. I don't have any sporty / casual shorts that I like enough to wear out (I've never gotten the pricey athletic Nike "norts" or a cute monogrammed pair) and before this sale I never had a Lilly printed t shirt (wait for it) so I usually wear solids on top. These seem perfect for lounging at home, walking on the beach, very casual errand running (I'm looking at you, Walmart), and to keep me from stripping down totally (literally) butt-naked in those postpartum hot flashes when we have another baby. (Did I mention I lived in a bandeau bra and underwear the month after Lilly Beth was born??)

Couldn't resist a little Lilly shift for LB. The price was SO GOOD ($19!!!!!!!!), we get so much wear out of them, and truly we didn't have an orange color variation intil now. You're welcome, BooBoo!! ;) Also totally going to do something with all of Lilly's Lilly P clothes once they're all outgrown. Teddy bears? Quilt? Something precious to commemorate.

Which brings me to this... My first printed tee!! You'd think I'd have one since it's a pretty basic wardrobe staple, but my Lilly closet progression has gone from strictly cocktail / dressy dresses to a few accent layers (jackets and vests) to casual everyday dresses to everyday pieces. I truly do like to wear at least one Lilly thing daily, year-round. My wallet and phone case are Lilly, my laptop and tech covers are Lilly... It's my signature style and I fully embrace it. Give me all the color!!! I look happy and preppy even when it's frigid out (what up, boots and tights?), so my closet is getting filled in with pieces for every occasion and mood. (I also RARELY if EVER buy full price and mostly get things gifted, so it's a long term "collection" I adore.) Needed this print obvs to match LB's new shift! 

And this. LB has a size 2 shift in this Iris Blue Shrimply Chic print, so now we can match in it!!! Like I said before, major purple moment right now. And I think this will be a nice layering piece to go under cardigans in the cooler months.

Most of these items are sold out now (the beach shorts are still going strong!) but there is still SO MUCH GOODNESS -- if you haven't checked it out, go hither and get you some fabulous Lilly wares!!! Their clothes are always high quality, made to last, timeless and flattering. 

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