Friday, August 26, 2016

five on friday

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Lilly is sleeping in today and it's GLORIOUS!!! I can hear a tiny voice starting to stir but this morning has been amazing! I got to clean the kitchen, make a pot of coffee, make breakfast, light a candle and read my blogs... Glorious I tell you. One day I'll get up earlier than her on a consistent basis. Just not yet. (Unless she keeps this up in which case HELL YES.)

I never realized how much I rely on a "uniform" until I tried to play fashion blogger this week and all my outfits had the exact same formula. Even the fall clothes still include my pearl stud earrings + rose gold Kendra Scott Elisa pendant + same shoes (whichever I'm obsessed with at that moment -- Jack Rogers glitter sandals for now, riding boots or booties in the fall). I need a perfect staple pair of flats to work in rotation but I'm picky -- have to be comfortable, long-lasting (not wear out fast), a cute slim silhouette (I prefer a slightly pointed toe, no round!!!!), some heel support but not a high heel, and be able to withstand SOME weather. Got a favorite I should know about??? (I've looked into the Tory Burch flats. They seem promising but it's got to be worth every penny of the expense and preferably go on at least a teensy bit of a sale... Gosh I'm hard to please.)

I'm having a major aquamarine moment. Drew and I have talked about eventually creating a "stack" of wedding bands to go with my engagement ring. I don't know how realistic or even visually appealing that is, but I started googling "aquamarine eternity bands" on a whim the other night and saw this, which I'm in love with. Obviously I'm not going to get a new engagement ring like the one above (although I LOVE it!) but I think this (not actually eternity) aquamarine vintagey cut band is STUNNING. And would go nicely in my stack in white gold. (And also aquamarine is much more affordable than diamonds!) It ain't happening anytime soon anyways, but a girl can dream. (Also see this and this.)

On a related note, I'm also having a major purple moment favorite color-wise lately. I'm not sure when it started (maybe even a couple of years ago with a pedicure on Drew's birthday, 2014?), but I've been so drawn to shades of it lately. In the past my "favorite color" tends to evolve over the years -- buttercream yellow was top for the longest time, turquoise made its mark for a while, then had an emerald/kelly green phase, a short-lived burgundy moment, a few years of aubergine, then I settled on pure unadulterated pink (and coral and all the varying shades, including raspberry). But especially right now, I am all about lilac and orchid and a few other pretty purple names I can't seem to recall at this moment violet and magenta. I really like it in collaboration with pinks and peaches and corals and sunset hues. (Read: Lilly patterns.) 

Remember how I blogged about my Lilly sale loot and said I was holding myself back from the Skipper popover I wanted? Ummm... I got it. I have no self control when it comes to rock bottom Lilly prices!!! Cringe! Major spending freeze in effect immediately.


We are supposedly getting our new dishwasher installed this afternoon. I say supposedly because we ordered it TWENTY DAYS AGO and they came to install it the 12th but brought us a defective one. REALLY hoping this one is the charm and we'll have a working freaking dishwasher from now on. (I am so over handwashing dishes.) Also on the agenda for this weekend -- Drew working tomorrow morning, me working a wedding tomorrow afternoon & evening, tonight's wedding rehearsal, and probably some celebration for Drew's Dad whose birthday is today. I am very excited that I will only have two more 2016 weddings to coordinate after this weekend (YAY!). We have an insanely busy calendar coming up over the next billion weekends -- showers, weddings to attend, a wedding to work, parties, birthdays, bachelorette party to throw, Lilly's belated one year photo session with our dear friend Amy. Then before we know it, it'll be the holidays!!!! I ordered Lilly's Halloween costume yesterday, so at least I'm a tiny step ahead. I'm getting excited about the upcoming holidays (even though Christmas is 4 months away)... Mom has to put her work schedule in next week so maybe we'll get some semblance of an idea what the heck we're going to do this year. We hosted Thanksgiving at our house last November and it was excellent -- we had rental china and real silver (!) and a big, ole' fancy formal dinner like I've always wanted. But I would be equally happy with a coastal Thanksgiving like we used to do at my sister's house every year in Savannah. We shall see!

You have any big or exciting plans for this weekend? Labor Day is next week! Fall is upon us!!! I was sweating to death trying on my plaid flannel shirt this week, but won't be too long before it's actually weather-appropriate! COME ON, boots and crisp air and getting so sick of looking at pumpkins 24/7! (I already have pumpkin soap out. I'm going to hate it so much so soon...)

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