Friday, August 5, 2016

five on friday

It's that time! Linking up with ChristinaApril, and Natasha:

{I'm not nearly as cute in a party hat!}

It's my birthday weekend! I have to decide what all I want to do tonight, tomorrow, and Sunday (we'll go out with Drew's fam and go to my parents' house, but I have to pick a restaurant and a home cooked meal!). Usually I'm pretty decisive and know what I want but I'm blanking this year. My biggest wish was for a clean house, so we worked last weekend and while Drew was gone this week on work travel, I organized the nursery and my office, and now it's all set! We hired a one-time deep clean from a pro company to come next Friday to actually scrub everything (woo hoo woo hoo!). Birthday wish accomplished.


I swore I wouldn't, but I cut my long sister wives' hair into a lob yesterday. I needed a freshening up for the birthday. So far 27 is looking a good deal "soccer mom" and verrrrry blonde. I'm pleased. I'll miss the way my long hair made me feel secure and glamorous, but I think I needed a chic-ening up.

Btws, I never could get the hang of snapchat, but I'm really liking the new snapchat feature on insta. Not having to worry about gathering new followers, everything in one app, yes.


To my diabetes' chagrin I am having a moment of wanting milkshakes and cake like none other. Birthdays with 'beetus are rough for that reason. (So wanting to make a choc chip cake with coffee buttercream for my birthday party...)



Fall is party season in these parts. Birthdays, showers (baby AND bridal), weddings to work AND attend, gender reveals, bachelorettes, friends visiting from CA... So much excitement coming!

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