Thursday, August 11, 2016

embroidery projects of late

Ever since we set up my "office" a few months back, I've had a lovely space to get my monogramming fix on, major. I buckled and finally paid for the premium version of Embrilliance software, so now I can have a zillion options as far as downloads go and resizing / customization. Woo hoo! 

Here are some of the projects I've done over the past few months.

The Easter series! Did three of these for Lilly and two baby-buds of hers -- love the little bunnies with their teensy monograms!

For Lilly's puppy pawty birthday (as I'm sure you recall), I did a matching poodle suite of onesie, bib, and birthday hat. They turned out super cute, even if I had to scrap the original onesie. Appliqué is hard the first couple of times!

Lilly got a precious little hooded towel for her birthday, so of course it had to be monogrammed.

This simple Target tank dress was also an easy project for a little something custom!

Clearly I still have yet to master my spacing on projects that have to be re-hooped, but aren't these silhouettes PRECIOUS?

Oh, the bonnets! We have done every version possible -- violet on white seersucker, turquoise on yellow seersucker, pink on green with pink stripe, blue on white, periwinkle on floral print... you name it!

These were a couple of little dresses LB got for her birthday that had the perfect spot to put a monogram!

For Kat's wedding, I'm embroidered all the bridal party's initials on our matching robes!

Couple of small home projects!

Had to do Poppy some Disney shirts for her trip this spring! 

Oh, the baby shower gifts galore!!


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  1. Go girl!!! I'm so impressed with your embroidery skills. They all look amazing and I'm loving that flamingo. So cute.