Monday, August 15, 2016

bebé dos:: ten weeks

How far along: 10 weeks!
Gender: I still have to imagine it's a girl because we can't make up our name-minds. And Dani is certain it's a girl, so wishful thinking she's right.
Names we love: Julianna Cate. Beau Whitaker. Hudson, Gibson.
Total weight gain: ? Haven't checked.
Clothes: Normal, but feeling more bloated lately. Have to suck in with really form fitting tops for my comfort level.
Sleep: Busted tired.
Cravings/Aversions: Cravings - Raspberries. Canteloupe. Milk. Meat. Swiss. Macarons, ice cream, cookies. Aversions - Zoodles. Indian food. Yogurt. So-so about eggs.
Symptoms: Thank God nausea subsided this week!!! Tired. Some side pain. Emotional. Cranky.

Diabetes Management: Great in morning / early afternoon, awful at night.
Exercise: Walking around Savannah.
Mood: Cranky.
Miss Anything: Not really.
Best Moment this week: Three days of fun in Savannah.

Told Anyone? Told Aspen this week!
Looking forward to: Gender bloodwork Monday!

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