Monday, August 8, 2016

bebé dos:: nine weeks

How far along: 9 weeks. My ultrasound technically has me as being 5 days earlier along (so, I'd be 8 weeks + 2 days), but they're still going to treat me as having a due date of 3/13.

Gender: I hate to guess since I was SO certain Lilly was a boy (haha), but seeing the higher heart rate, I definitely am still hoping for a girl!
Names we love: Julianna Cate & Beau Wallace / Beau Whitaker.
Total weight gain: -3 since pre-pregnancy!
Clothes: Totally normal. There's some curvature in the uterine area, but nothing has caused clothing to fit differently yet.
Sleep: Pretty normal, but earlier bedtimes are my jam.
Cravings/Aversions: Craving - CHOCOLATE. Milkshakes. Frozen raspberries. Cake! Ice cream sandwiches! (I wish I could have any/all of them!) Also, Mexican. Aversions - Coffee, for the most part. Alcohol, definitely. Zoodles.
Symptoms: Nesting. Emotional. NAUSEA. Faintness. 

Diabetes Management: Definitely NOT allergic to insulin (WOO HOO!). Doctor was much happier with my levels than I anticipated, so we got a GLOWING report today! SO HAPPY!!!!
Exercise: barre3 vids! + elliptical training!
Mood: SO HAPPY AND GRATEFUL! Maybe we can do this after all!
Miss Anything: See cravings.
Best Moment this week: My birthday!!! Had a perfect weekend -- early bedtimes, bought a dishwasher, got a mani/pedi, dinner with family, chocolate espresso torte!

Told Anyone? Told Grandma Shirley this week. Most of Drew's coworkers know, as well as NWPG friends. Not bigger circles.
Looking forward to: Finding out the gender in THREE WEEKS!!!!!! EEEEK!

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